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Jan 18, 2023
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Baptismal Covenants Word Search
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How do you teach kids about baptism?

Your kids might already have witnessed the baptism. However, they might not really understand the meaning of this tradition. As a parent, it's your responsibility to make them knowledgeable.

Let the kids know that baptism is about identification. The baptized symbolizes that the believer identified with Jesus and other Christians. If you are baptized with the person, it means both of you belong together.

It's a symbol of spirituality. During this tradition, you also can see symbols such as the red mark on the faucet, the blue mark, and more. All of the features have their own meaning. The point is baptism defines the symbol of union with Christ and the Church.

Baptism depicts death. Your kids might already see the rituals that the person being baptized would go under the water. This is the scene of burial which was enslaved by sin. Meanwhile, Jesus was dead on the cross, so once your kids put their trust in Him, He will save you and your kids as well.

This tradition is also a picture of resurrection. The ritual of being brought up under the water shows the picture of a soul being rise from death to continue eternal life. Tell to your kids that this is also a reminder that God will resurrect the Christian from the grave like Jesus.

What activities you can throw in Sunday school?

Every time you teach Sunday school, then you have to come up with creative ideas to construct the learning. It should be fun and engaging at the same time. In this context, you have to infuse the religious sides into the activities.

  1. Learning the Bible story.

There are some methods you can deliver this aspect to the kids. Share the life story of Moses which was the lesson about the plagues in Egypt and the Red Sea crossing. On the other hand, throwing the story of the baby in the basketcase and the staff turning into a snake would be interesting.

  1. Construct the puzzles

Connected the puzzles to solve with the Christian theme would be an engaging way to teach the kids. Provide jigsaw puzzles in the scramble and let the kids construct them. To make them learn about the vocabulary, go with the crossword and word search. Using crossword, you can provide the picture as the clues and let the kids figure it out to fill the blank space. Meanwhile, using the word search will make them have to find the words among scramble letters that define religious things.

  1. Coloring

It is such a great method to deliver for all ages. Provide a picture of Jesus that depicts resurrection and let the kids color it. Make it funnier by throwing some numbers as clues. In this form, kids have to color the picture using the clues provided.

Jesus Baptism Word Search
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What are the tips for solving the word search puzzle?

Word search is such a great cognitive game that can be customized for all ages. However, the difficult one could make you frustrated. Here are some tips on solving the puzzle:

  1. Look at the theme and think about it.

It commonly consists of the theme that builds up the word. If you already know the theme, it will be possible for you to easier in solving the puzzle.

  1. Do multi-searching

This method will make you the quickest to finish the puzzle. Come up with at least two words and start scanning all over the template.

  1. Give the sign on the list you already find out

Without realizing it, people commonly accidentally look at the word that is already solved. It's kinda waste of time. Make sure you cross the words after finding the answer.

  1. Use tools to guide your eyes

Utilize your pen to guide the eyes along the lines and columns of the template. It will help you to focus on finding the answer.

  1. See the puzzle from other perspectives

The hard-level puzzle will make you struggle more in finding the answer. Adding a new perspective to your brain might make it works better. Try to turn around up and downside then scan the words.

  1. Focus on the stand-out letters

Some letters such as O, D, Q, and B commonly stand out in the grid. Those letters would be way easier to find. Spotting them makes you quicker in solving the puzzle and you can directly move next after this.

  1. Spot the uncommon letters

There are some letters that are not really common to appear on the words. It can be Q, X, Y, K, and Z. If you have the list with those letters, search for it first. It's a huge possibility for you to find them fast.

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