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May 30, 2022
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Frozen Disney Connect the Dots Printables
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What characters are seen in Frozen?

You must be familiar with Frozen movie which is one of Disney's famous movies. This movie was first on screen in 2013. There always be characters in the film. Here are some characters from the Frozen movie you can find.

Because Frozen tells the movie about the orphaned sisters, Elsa and Anna become the main characters of this movie. Elsa becomes the older sister which has ice magical power.

Therefore, in order to protect Anna, she avoids her sister from an early age. Besides Elsa and Anna, there are some characters that make this movie more interesting.

Hans is Anna’s boyfriend who becomes the antagonist character in this movie. Hans knows Elsa’s power and tries to kill her. Olaf is a cute snowman character actually made by Elsa after she escapes from Arendelle. Olaf becomes Anna’s friend on her adventure in searching for Elsa.

Kristoff also becomes the crucial character who joins Anna in her adventure. He is an ice master and deliverer. Kristoff has reindeer as his best friend and always accompanies him everywhere.

Those are some characters that are seen in the Disney Frozen movie. It is such a good movie you can watch with your kids on weekend.

How do you make Elsa's wand?

Instead of spending your weekend with nothing to do, better to come up with a DIY that makes your kids enjoy the weekend more. Go with the Disney theme for the craft. Elsa’s wand will be great as your kid’s craft. Check this out to know the tutorial.

Gather all ten materials first. It consists of blue colored paper, a popsicle stick, glass beads, glue, scissor, and a blue ribbon. For the paper, you can prepare two-tone colors to make the wand more stand out. Create the star cutout using blue paper. Continue with making snowflake cutouts.

For this one, you better go with the stencil and let the kids trace it. After having all components, you can move to construct all the components.

The star will be the first layer. Continue to stick the snowflake on it. Place the embellishment of glass beads on the top. Add the blue ribbon on the bottom part as the wand details. The crucial part is sticking all the components into the popsicle stick.

Let all the glue dry and Elsa’s wand is ready to be your kids' room decoration. If you want to make this craft to be a wand toy that your kids and hold anytime, you can turn the popsicle into a wooden stick.

That’s how you can create Elsa’s wand craft. Let your kids participate in the making process and let them have fun with it!

Elsa Connect the Dots Printable
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Frozen Disney Connect the Dots Printables
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What are some fun facts about Frozen?

Frozen is one of the Disney movies which quite popular among all ages, especially kids. From the famous side, you must be familiar with this movie too. However, there are some interesting facts behind this. Check this out if you are curious more!

Frozen become the movie that Walt Disney wanted since the 1930s. Finally, 2008 become the year that this movie has the story and was released in 2013. Elsa was created to be the villain at first.

But then, Disney changes the plan to involve the story of the siblings’ love here. The Frozen movie is actually from The Snow Queen story. The story of The Snow Queen was made by Hans Christian Anderson.

Rapunzel and Flynn become the cameo of Frozen. This scene was seen when Anna opens the gate of Arendelle for the first time in years. The real reindeer was brought during the movie making. To create the Sven character looks as it should. The place in the movie actually inspired by Norway.

Those are some facts about Disney Frozen you might be curious to know. Know more by doing further research about it!

What items you can include in the kids’ Frozen birthday party?

Disney Frozen is one among many Disney movies that become kids' favorites. Therefore, they might ask to turn up their birthday party to a Frozen theme. If you are craving for ideas of Frozen birthday party items to include, just check this out and get inspired!

Starting from the decoration, you can create a banner in blue snowflakes shape and spread it around the party venue. The balloons also should be in frozen typical color. That is blue and white. Make sure you also have a party name that is ear-catching and relate to the Frozen movie. Then, execute it as the birthday sign and also the party backdrop.

Let your kids dress up as Elsa. Wearing a blonde wig and a blue dress will make them prettier. For the guest, you can manage them to wear anything that is linked to Disney movies. Using the invitation in a snowflake shape would be great too.

Jump to the treats, and serve the kids sweets in blue and white colors. Marshmallows and candies would be nice. Serve the savory dish with a name that is linked to the movie will be eye-catching too.

Those are the items you can involve in the Disney Frozen birthday theme for kids. apply those ideas while still elaborating your creativity to make it works as you expected.

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