Printable Chair Yoga Exercises For Seniors

Feb 13, 2011
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Printable Chair Yoga Exercises For Seniors

Printable Chair Yoga Exercises For Seniors

Printable Chair Yoga Poses
Printable Chair Yoga Posesdownload


Is chair yoga good for seniors?

There is nothing should stop you from doing exercise. It is very important. It keeps us healthy no matter how old we are. Kids, teenagers, adults, and even seniors should do exercise regularly. However, different age might have different obstacles. This time, we will tell you why yoga especially yoga chair is good for seniors.

Staying seated shouldn’t stop someone from doing exercise. There is yoga chair that is still accessible. Chair yoga is great for seniors because it is safe and has many benefits to our body. It reduces anxiety, lower blood pressure, and build strengths and balance. That’s why this kind of exercise is really recommended for seniors.      

What type of chair yoga is best for seniors?

This type of yoga is good for seniors. But, you should remember there is always the best of the best. So, what type of yoga is best for seniors? In this list below, we will give you three types of chair yoga that are best for seniors. So, check it out if you want to know!

1.       Seated Mountain

Seated mountain is a great pose to engage your core. It’s also good to check your posture and get you focus to your breath. How to do it? First, extend your spine then as you exhale, root down into the chair with your sit bones. Roll your shoulders down your back, pull your belly toward your spine, and then relax your arms. Repeat it until you think it’s enough.


2.       Warrior I

This pose is like clapping. But you should raise your hand before you clap. Raise your hands up until it meet above your head. Now, do a clap, and don’t forget to manage your breathe. Taking at least five deep breaths during this activity then you can release your claps.


3.       Reverse Arm Hold

This is like holding your hand at your back. But, do it carefully and passionate. Take a deep breath, and inhale and exhale. Do it for like five times before you finish it. Just take it easy and don’t forget to clear your mind during this pose.

Senior Chair Yoga Exercises
Senior Chair Yoga Exercisesdownload
Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors
Chair Yoga Poses for Seniorsdownload
Printable Chair Yoga Poses
Printable Chair Yoga Posesdownload
Printable Senior Chair Exercises
Printable Senior Chair Exercisesdownload
Printable Senior Chair Yoga Poses
Printable Senior Chair Yoga Posesdownload
Easy Chair Yoga for Seniors
Easy Chair Yoga for Seniorsdownload


Is yoga good for 70 year old woman?

As we growing old, our movements become limited. We can’t be agile like we used to. But, it doesn’t mean we can stop doing exercise. Since we know that this is very important to our health, we should stay exercising no matter how old we are. However, one of the best sport for seniors especially woman more than 70 years old is yoga. This sport can reduce anxiety, but also strengthen your bone.

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