All About Me Worksheet Printables Spanish

Updated on Jun 22, 2022
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All About Me Worksheet Printables Spanish
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All About Me Worksheets Printables
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How to introduce your kids to learn a foreign language?

The kids' natural acquisition makes them easier in memorizing words and grammar rules. They also have spare times to learn so it can be effective to start teaching them foreign languages from an early age. Besides, learning in school, you might also spend your free time teaching them the language.

Casually talking using the language might help them understand easily. You might also provide some learning media to pursue their ability in learning a language such as a word wall or bilingual worksheet. However, there are some educational ways to help your kids in achieving the target of being bilingual. Here’s what to follow.

If you have already mastered the language, it’s better to make your kids learn together with you. It will be much easier and make them more comfortable learning the language through you. Make them to playing the game in a foreign language. Find an interesting game that can stimulate your students’ knowledge such as a puzzle.

Play cartoons or children’s shows in a foreign language which make them to listening to the conversation and might learn to practice it together. Teach them to listen to singing a song in the language that they learn. Provide books that use a foreign language. Include it in daily activities and make them learn casually.

You can also choose one of the language apps for them to learn. As a result, kids can learn to be bilingual if it’s balanced with something that they can be having fun with.          

What classroom project can be achieved while learning a new language?

Bilingual means mastering two languages. Learning a foreign language can be done in or outside the classroom. In bilingual classes, there are usually various poster templates to use to practice new vocabulary. Ask the students to participate in creating it. This activity will make the students learn the language while also having fun by decorating together with their classmates. These are some decorative bilingual pieces of stuff to place in the classroom and how the students can do the project.

First thing first, you have to decide what kind of language you’ll apply. It can be Spanish. Provide the picture with the translation of the name of the object to Spanish. In this project, you can prepare the drawing template along with the vocabulary on it then make your students to coloring the template and also place it around the class. Making bilingual classroom rules would be interesting. Create it in a poster size, then ask your students to cut the colored template you’ve prepared, and they’ll stick it into the white large paper.

Another design can be making a classroom label which consists of the name and also the picture that exists in the class. It can be the whiteboard, table, marker, and many more. In this project, the students are able to participate in naming the label using handwriting. As a starter, you can provide an “All About Me” template poster which is a great way as a basic introduction but also to get to know each other.

Learning a foreign language not only can be applied by using a language book but also able to implement in classroom activities by making the classroom decoration. It can also become an effective learning tool for the students because they can see the words every time they are in the class.

Printable Spanish Worksheets for Kids
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What other media to use for teaching language?

When you have a bilingual class, it a common to have the decoration with the words of the language you teach. It is called a bilingual word wall. In creating it, you can also make the students participate in it. Besides the classroom decoration, the bilingual word wall also can be used as a tool to deliver the foreign language material. These are how you can design the bilingual words wall to place in the classroom.

First of all, you have to prepare the word board first. You can make the backdrop from styrofoam or colored paper. Choose the word template and make the students cut it. Make sure it is large and said the “words walls” with the language you teach. Place it as a title which is on the upper side of the wall. Let us move to the list of the words.

You have to prepare the template first. Choose the connected words template with an uncolored picture. Your students can participate by connecting the words using the marker and also coloring the picture on it. After done connecting and coloring, they can place the words on the prepared wall.

Another style you can apply for this project is by fully using students’ creations but still within the boundaries you applied. In this project, they can draw and write the words in the foreign language of the theme you’ve decided. It can be groups of fruits, animals, toys, and many more.

Doing this project was way more fun but still engaged the students to learn a foreign language in the class. They can also incorporate their creativity to draw and color it. This also makes the students proud and happy that their creations will display in the front of the class.

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