Dewey Decimal System Bookmarks Printable

Sep 05, 2022
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Dewey Decimal Bookmark Printable
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How do you make a unique bookmark?

The bookmark includes important think you need to have as students. Therefore, you might seek the ideas of the design that suits you the most. Consider using the pretty design to improve your book's appearance. Here are some pretty designs you can choose to buy or DIY.

Have a butterfly design that makes your book way prettier. You can make it your own by selecting either drawing it yourself or choosing a drawing-coloring template and printing it. Continue to fold it to have 3D look.

If you have dried flowers, they can be added in the slipping of the book pages. You can either keep it tight in between the pages or laminate them first.

Looking for something more unique, making mini crochet with floral patterns such as clover or daisy is an easy and quick one to make. Because of the material used, it can be more long-lasting than the paper-based one.

If you have a blank template, decorate it using washi tape can improve its look. The tape has various patterns available. From the simple one to one that has various colors and patterns, you can choose to explore making one with it.

Choose the golden paperclip and use the string for the bottom embellishment. Paper heart corner is also awesome but still simple looks and clean. Shape the red paper into the heart, then place it on the corner page of your book to make an eye-catching one.

How does the Dewey decimal work for librarians?

You might not be aware of the bookshelf placement system in the library. The librarians do not just place the book as they wish. They use the system of Dewey Decimal. Talking about the history of this archiving system, Melvil Dewey in 1876 created it.

Then, it starts to utilize in libraries and schools in the US. In terms of usage, the system utilizes to categorize the books based on the subjects. You might confuse about how this works. The librarians will give each book identity using decimal numbers.

Each number will define the books based on the subjects. For example, you will find Arts 700-750. It means that if you are looking for the subject of the art, then you have to go from page 700 until 750. It is also applied to the bookshelf. You might also find a bunch of numbers on the bookshelf.

It defines the subject's name to make it easier in finding the book. Aside from making it the readers easier to find the pages, the Dewey decimal system is also able to make the librarian easier in arranging the book based on the subject.

Dewey Decimal System Bookmarks
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Dewey Decimal System Bookmarks for Kids
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Dewey Decimal System Bookmarks
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Kids Dewey Decimal System Chart
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Dewey Decimal System Printable Bookmarks
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Dewey Decimal System
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Dewey Decimal Classification
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Printable Dewey Bookmarks
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Kids Dewey Decimal System Bookmarks
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How can you make a kid-friendly introduction to the Dewey decimal system?

The application of the Dewey decimal system is not only for the book and bookshelf. It is also able to work in the bookmark. The bookmark that applies the Dewey decimal system will have the decimal numbers. Of course, you can also turn it into the kids’ learning materials. Here’s how you can turn the Dewey decimal system into a kid-friendly bookmark.

Turn the Dewey decimal bookmark into the cartoon characters that the kids love. It can be the characters from Disney movies. For example, you can turn the shape and the color of the bookmark into Tinkerbell looks but still have the decimal numbers in there. The existence of the numbers allows the kids to review their counting skills and ability to find the subject that they intended to find in the book.

You can train them in their favorite subject book. If they face difficulties, you can let them know about the application first. Give the example using the picture they need to point which is in line with the numbers. After they understand, you can move to the real system, that is to find the subject.

Let the kids practice by classifying books in the classroom. You can provide the subject and the decimal numbers label for them to stick on the bookshelf. Have a bunch of scramble books around them. Continue to let the kids stick the labels and place the books based on the categories. With practicing, you can review whether the kids understand the system or not. 

Besides the bookmark, you can also teach the kids about it using the worksheet. In this worksheet, the children need to match between the subject and appropriate numbers using the clues provided.

The application of this system apply to kids' learning can boost the ability to count numbers and give points for kids to find the page and the book easily in the library or knowing the benefit of good archiving.

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