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Updated on Sep 30, 2020
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What is Handwriting?

Handwriting is a method of writing by using a pencil, pen, stylus, or other writing instruments and the art or skill of this was known as penmanship.

Handwriting has been taught in schools since children were 7 years old. People can make handwriting well and fluently if they practice making handwriting. So, practice is needed to make someone write handwriting quickly.

Initially, the handwriting was only seen as a way for us to communicate with others. However, now handwriting can also be used to identify a person's personality. The study of analysis of the relationship between handwriting and personality is called graphology. Meanwhile, there is a study that can change aspects of a person's personality by changing handwriting patterns. It’s called graphotherapy.

What's About Typed Text?

If handwriting is written using several tools directly using the hands, you can do typing by using typewriters, calculators, and computers. So, you only need to press the buttons on these tools without the need to make your own writing patterns. Typing can appear due to the process of changing text or numbers contained in the system in these tools.

Many people think that typing is much easier because it can be done quickly. In fact, making handwriting gives you many benefits. By making handwriting, someone can concentrate on writing. So, it actually depends on your wants and needs.

Handwriting or Typing: Which is More Effective for Retention?

A study conducted by researchers from Princeton and UCLA showed that there is a relationship between writing and memory. It makes the researchers believe that by writing frequently, a person will have a good memory.

Those researchers also found that handwriting is better than typed writing. Handwriting can improve retention of the material being studied. So, you don't need to learn everything because some material is automatically stored in your brain when you write it in handwriting.

Typed writing saves time, but writers lose their memory of what they wrote. However, the typed text makes us can find the results of the writing easily because everything is stored in the database. So, you won't have any trouble finding it if you lose it or forget to put it.

Researchers still advise people not to give up the habit of writing because that's what makes people have good brain abilities. Therefore, it is better to combine typed writing with handwriting.

When talking about the durability of writing, it can be said that all writing in physical form does not have a good level of durability. The reason is, writing that is printed physically can disappear or fade at any time. If you use typed text, you can store it in the database. If the physical printout is lost, you can search for it on your computer.

So, when discussing handwritten vs. typed notes - which is more effective for retention, it all depends on your needs. If it is about understanding and memory retention, you can use handwriting. If you want to make a writing with a good level of durability and safe, just use typed writing.

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How to Make Good Handwriting?

If typed writing must be made using a specific device, you can easily make handwriting with paper and pen. However, many people cannot make good handwriting. So, here we provide several ways to make your handwriting look good.

  1. Use the Right Pen and Paper

    Good paper and pen can affect the results of your handwriting. So, use a pen that is comfortable to use. Also make sure that the ink from the pen does not leak easily. Colored pens are also a good choice because they provide a variety of colors that make writing look more interesting.

    The paper used must also be good so the ink from the pen can be seen clearly. Use paper that is not too smooth. In writing, you must be relaxed so the results of your writing can be good.

  2. Learn Traditional Writing Fonts

    One of the keys to creating great handwriting is trying traditional handwritten fonts. An example is the style of calligraphy. By learning calligraphy, you will be able to make beautiful handwriting.
  3. Analyze Your Handwriting

    After writing a few sentences, it's a good idea to analyze your handwriting. Some of the important things you should analyze are spacing, writing style, slant, and letter height. By analyzing these four things, you can start improving your writing.

    These four factors are important things that must be corrected because they can make handwriting better. After analyzing it, you can start to write again with a new writing style.

  4. Try Different Writing Styles

    Consistency is also  a key in making good handwriting. Use a variety of writing styles so you can determine which one is most comfortable for you. You can practice the different styles of writing, the slope of the letters, the thickness of the letters, and the height of the letters.

  5. Exercise

    After finding a writing style that is most comfortable for you, you can practice continuously using that writing style. Practice it in everyday activities like writing recipes, writing grocery lists, writing a diary, or taking notes.

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