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Feb 02, 2022
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What kind of pieces of equipment do kids need to play football?

You may be curious as to why the athletes appear so plump underneath their jerseys, particularly if your child is just beginning amateur football.

Athletes wear a significant amount of padding, as you might expect, to shield their bodies as best possible from the impact of the painful accidents that take place through every match.

Most of that stuff is required, and for a good purpose. It is essential to avoid injuries from happening or, at the barest minimum, to significantly lower the danger that your child will sustain an incident while participating in what is widely considered to be one of the greatest accident rates of any sport they might participate in.

Listed below is all the equipment designed to prevent harm to your little football player, including:

  • Helmet: The most vital part of football equipment, as you might expect, is the helmet. A visor is not necessary, although face masks are. Additionally, jaw pads that are connected to the underside of the helmet can be used and offer some injury safety.

  • In contrast to popular opinion, the majority of football helmets now still being used offer almost nothing, if any, defense against the impacts that can cause injuries. However, despite the fact that technological innovations in helmet design may still not totally remove injuries in football, they have significantly decreased their frequency.

  • High school and college teams throughout the nation are now field testing the Xenith X1, a unique new helmet that employs air-filled shock absorbers and claims to provide greater security against injuries.
  • Neck rolls: For the purpose of preventing whiplash, defensive players and linebackers frequently wear neck rolls.

  • Jockstrap and Cup: It is required that all athletes wear jockstraps and safety cups.

  • Mouth Guard: Mouth guards, sometimes known as "mouthpieces," not only shield the user's teeth and jaw, but they may also help protect from brain traumas including concussions. At all times when playing, the mouthpiece must be applied. It is required that the mouthpiece be a clearly noticeable color.

  • The three types of leg armor include the thigh, hip, and knee pads. Thigh pads are the biggest and cover the thighs from impacts. To protect certain particular locations from hits, there are elbow, knee, and hip padding.

  • Shoulder pads: Flat and cantilevered shoulder pads are both available. For linebackers, both offensive and defensive linemen, and other athletes who are prone to more intense clashes, their cantilevered pads are bigger. Due to their smaller size and reduced movement restrictions, flat pads are primarily utilized by quarterbacks and receivers.

  • Gloves: Receiver gloves make it easier to grab the football, especially in chilly weather. In addition, lineman gloves contain extra cushioning, which helps to secure the entire hand.


What are things to note when choosing a football helmet for children?

Parents should be aware of the following while choosing a helmet for their children.

Half of all football helmets used at the high school are either badly repaired, contain cushioning made of foam that has worn down over time, or are ill-fitting. Only around one in five helmets is brand new. There's a possibility that even less helmets being used at the younger age groups have been appropriately repaired.

Helmets must be replaced after three years of wearing or checked regularly by an authorized re-conditioner. It also needs to be maintained with an authorized mouth guard and fitted properly, with flaws being checked before each application.

Fitting adjustments should be made to the face masks, jaw pads, and chin strap. The helmet must only be washed with water, and it shouldn't be painted or modified in any other way. If the face mask is loose or rusted or deformed more than 1/8 of an inch, a helmet should not be worn.

Since there is a chance of a severe head or spinal cord injury, or perhaps even death, when a helmet is worn to butt, ram, or spear a rival, it must never be attempted.

It is important to instruct players in effective tackling and blocking methods devoid of helmet-first contact and sharing helmets with other players is not advised.

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What's on the shopping list for a football player?

In addition to working out your body’s muscles and intellect as a football player, you should also prepare your body to appropriately nourish itself for both games and practices.

Here is a collection of snack foods and other goods to put in your shopping basket, presuming you already consume the proposed three meals a day with the extra vigor you need to push yourself to the limit.

Although most are non-perishable, the following is the list of particular instances in which you have recourse to a refrigerator to keep meals cold while you're not at home.

Grain products and complex sugars:

  • Packets of instant oatmeal.
  • Crackers made of wheat or rice.
  • Fruit that has been dried or fruit that has been packed in pure fruit juice.
  • Bars of Popcorn Granola, and many more.


Proteins and nutritious fats:

  • Canned salmon or tuna.
  • Cooked chickpeas.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Protein snacks, and many more.

Consumable snacks:

  • Chopped turkey.
  • Greek yogurt with cheese.
  • Eggs that have been hard-boiled.
  • Hummus and avocado, and many more.

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