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Updated on Apr 10, 2023
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Creation Bible Story Printables
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The Function of Crafts in Preschoolers' Education of the Creation Story

Crafts play a significant part in Christian education and go beyond simple time fillers. Here are some ideas for using crafts to improve your class. They enable kids to use the creative talents that they were given by God.

  • give youngsters the chance to explore the world that God has created.
  • increase kids' capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • increase one's sense of worth.
  • encourage your kids to pay attention and obey commands.
  • by creating gifts for others, you can give kids the means to put their religion into practice.
  • as kids collaborate on cooperative projects, bonds are formed.
  • support a lesson.
  • children should be reminded of their classroom lessons.
  • great things to do


The Secret to Creating Works of Art or Crafts That Celebrate God's Creation

You may be confident that using crafts will improve your lesson. Furthermore, take into account these crucial components.

Age-appropriateness. Give the children an age-appropriate craft. Avoid making crafts where your child asks you to do them.  Your kids will be able to make their own craft if you choose the appropriate age-appropriate craft.

Simple instructions. Provide a sample item in advance of the lesson so you can explain directions simply and clearly.

Materials. Always keep extra supplies on hand in case there are guests or somebody must begin over because they are having problems. Moreover, be sure to use quality cutting scissors. Left-handed scissors should be available if your youngster is left-handed.

Safety. The materials used should not be harmful, including paints and glues. The ends of the scissors should not be pointed. Don't use powdered tempera paint; use liquid instead.

Connection to the Bible. What's the point of doing a craft if you could have easily done it in class? You have far too little class time to squander on activities that do not advance your understanding of the Bible. Each craft will benefit children's learning and development if a Bible story, verse, or another lesson about God is added to it.


What Should a Teacher Do When a Class is Learning Biblical Craft and One of the Students Has Disabilities?

Children with disabilities can require certain adjustments to completely engage handicrafts, according to Abilities Ministry, such as:

  • Urge teachers to take into consideration the perceptual, motor, listening, understanding, and following-through abilities of each kid.

  • Place special needs kids in a position where they can hear and see.

  • If possible, establish a group chat with an instructor or a peer tutor. With a youngster who has special needs, the assistant can explain, lead, and progress through the activity.

  • Don't take charge; instead, give instructions. The most convenient option is to do it yourself. Always keep in mind that a successful craft project is not a perfect work of art. The sensation of completion a youngster feels is a marker for success.


How to Make Word Scramble to Help You Recall Verses?

Play this game of word scramble to sharpen your memory and help you memorize Bible verses.

Supplies required:

  • Paper (20 sheets)
  • Market
  • Another paper is optional (20 more sheets)



On a different sheet of paper, note the verse's words and the verse's citation. The sheets should be jumbled.

Teacher's guide

Discuss the Remember Verse with your students to understand how it connects to the lesson's main idea of the day, "God Is Everlasting," today. Then hand out the pieces of paper to the children and ask them to arrange the words on the ground in the proper order.

The Recall Verse can be read aloud once the words are in the correct order. Then, have the kids re-scramble the words and go through the procedure once more. Play on until the students have the verse engraved in their minds.

Feedback for students

Through individual and group prayer, worship, and different forms of activity, such as engaging activities, games, projects, and more, kids understand what the Holy Spirit has been giving them and react to God.

Creation Bible Story Printables
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Sunday School Creation Wheel Craft
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Bible Creation Crafts
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Creation Preschool Printable Worksheet
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What Are Activities for Children on Sunday?

You can think about letting your children participate in the following activities to help them play and learn about God's creation.

Toys and playdough should be provided. Kids will enjoy illustrating all God has made.

Go for a nature walk with your group right now if you didn't go outside during the class. Take the youngsters outside and assist them in pointing out all the various creations that God has made.

Days of crafting can be filled with a variety of crafts. Pick your kid's favorite craft then allow the kids to "create," with you joining in if you like.

God made the earth and the plants. Grow flowers with your children, or give them containers with dirt and seeds, and let them "plant" their chosen seeds there. Urge them to bring the plants home so they may see how they bloom.

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