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Nov 25, 2013
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50th Day of School Activities
50th Day of School Activitiesdownload

Why should we celebrate the 50th day of school?

The first day of school might be hard for the kids and the parents. They face a broader environment, meet a bunch of different people, and they need to adapt. While we’re here thinking about their day. We’re even anxious enough to let them be independent. Day by day passes. We survive until we reach the 50th day. We’re gradually getting used to the situation. Those hard days require our efforts. Thus, we need to celebrate it as a gift for surviving and not quitting. The first 100 days of school can actually be defined as a golden phase in kindergarten. When reaching the first 50 days, we actually are in a half way to finish this big-deal event.


How to celebrate the 50th day of school?

Here are some inspirations to welcome the 50th day of school:


1.       Sets lists of goals

We can create a bunch of goals that need to be achieved. It doesn’t need to be challenging. The most important is these activities are required to be fun since we do this to reward ourselves. We can celebrate it by donating 50 donuts to the homeless person or sharing candies with classmates.

2.       Cooks favourite foods and beverages

Even if we like foods and drinks from some restaurants, let’s just think about cooking together. We can look for the recipe on the internet and try to imitate those. We can improve our cooking skills plus tighten the bonding between kids and teachers and/or parents.

3.       Plays games

Do some physical activities by playing games like hula hoop. Add some more challenges, such as when kids are able to rotate the hula hoop with their waist as many as 50 times, they will receive a gift.

4.       Reviews the lesson

This might seem so boring. However, refreshing the lesson helps us to track the progress of the learning process of kids. To make it less boring, we can include games, rewards, or crafting. For instance, writing 50 words they get when learning at school or creating DIY greeting cards of 50th days of school and share it with classmates and teachers.

50th Day of School First Grade
50th Day of School First Gradedownload
50th Day of School Coloring
50th Day of School Coloringdownload
50th Day of School Badge
50th Day of School Badgedownload
50th Day of School Activity
50th Day of School Activitydownload
50th Day of School Kindergarten
50th Day of School Kindergartendownload

How to give a 50th day of school greeting?

This greeting is useful for some purposes, including writing on a greeting card. Here are some creative words to celebrate 50th day of school:

1.       “It’s still an unbelievable moment to be here this long with you at school. Congratulations on your 50th day of school!”

2.       “Thank you for staying with me for 50 days at school!”

3.       “It’s a pleasure to cherish the moment at school for 50 days with you!”

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