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Updated on May 16, 2023
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Creation Bible Story Printables
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The epics and creation stories have served human communities in significant and vital ways. They have established the meaning of life and explained the cosmos. They have amused us and exposed us to exceptional people and events. Some of these stories have been told with such elegance and force that the civilizations that originally gave them a voice have long since forgotten about them.

Also, they could have traveled a great distance from their homes. Some of us adhere to the morals and principles outlined in the creation myths and epics written by people who passed away centuries before we were born and whose languages we will never learn and whose cultures we will never visit.

What are the important lessons from the creation story?

He initially tells us that the Godhead has a true being and existence in order to persuade the atheists. Now, among atheists, some have only expressed uncertainty about God's existence, calling it a "certain thing." However, more audacious atheists have taken courage and asserted categorically that there is no such thing. This is only supported by men who have distorted reality with fantastical inventions.

In the second part, he shows us that there is only one God. He makes this point in regard to proponents of polytheistic doctrine who have no qualms about bringing the worst kind of government imaginable, ochlocracy, to paradise.

Thirdly, he disproves those who believe that the world is everlasting and uncreated and, as a result, gives no praise to God by teaching that it was made, as has already been mentioned.

In the fourth place, we discover that the world that was thus formed is likewise one since the Creator is also one, and, in order to make his creation resemble himself in its singleness, he used every existent essence in the universe's formation. As it was constructed and composed of all elements that were equally entire and complete, it would not have been complete otherwise.

Because they are themselves inexperienced and uninformed of the reality of those things about which it is important to have a precise understanding, some people think there are numerous universes, and others even imagine they are limitless in size.

Moses' sixth lesson is that God uses his providence to make the earth a better place. For it follows logically that the Creator must always take care of what He has made, just as parents take care of their children.

And He who has learned this not more through hearing it than through understanding it and has imprinted on his or her own soul these wonderful facts that are the subject of so much debate, namely, that God has a being and existence, and that he or she who so exists is truly one, and that he or she has created the world, and that he or she has created it one as has been stated, having made it similar to himself in singleness; a joyful and blessed life imprinted with the tenets of piety and holiness; and that He takes constant care of what He has created. 

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How to Teach Your Children to Love and Kindness Through the Creation Story

Like us, our children were born with a sinful nature. Thus, they do not naturally choose compassion. While some children are naturally more kind-hearted than others, most children need to learn and grow up with kindness as a deeply ingrained attitude rather than merely a habit. Aside from doing activities on Sunday School, you may also provide a creation Bible lesson through worksheet pieces to work on.

Psalm 107:1

Give thanks to the Lord because He is kind and enduring in His love. The Good News: We should praise God for His unfailing love because He will never abandon us.

Genesis 1:27

So, "God created man in His own image, in His own likeness; He created him male and female." God made each and every one of us, and He values each and every one of us very much. Because we are already flawless in His sight, there is no need to modify who He is asking us to be.

"Be kind to others as you would like them to be kind to you." That is an easy instruction for us to remember. It also makes total sense. That said, it still isn't any simpler.

In the middle of instructing us to love our adversaries, Jesus delivers this advice. It doesn't matter what someone else does to you; that is what he is saying to us. Admire them. Be gentle nonetheless. We cannot rely our benevolence on the deeds or disposition of another.

We constantly tell our kids, "You cannot control what your buddy does or says," when they come to us with friendship issues. The only things you can change are your words and deeds. Choose compassion.

What does compassion sound and look like, though? Jesus makes it very plain in this text. Do or say anything you would like someone else to say or do in a given circumstance.

Although compassion isn't just about our behaviors on the outside, it does manifest itself in our words and deeds. We will more readily decide to treat people the way we would like to be treated if we are cultivating an attitude of compassion deep inside our souls.

When we choose kindness more often, it will more naturally come to us.

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