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Updated on Jul 15, 2022
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Camping Checklist Printable
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What kind of game you can play while camping?

Camping is one of the outdoor activities you can consider doing on the weekend while also enjoying the mesmerizing scenery. Spending your time with nature is the best way to relax your mind. A campfire with a barbeque party at night would be great to create the memories on it. If you have camping with your family, you might come up with the idea of making the game to have fun with them.  Here are some games you can try.

Outdoor checkers with the kid’s creation of the board. It can be made from the tablecloth or sheet using spray paint to create the checkers’ pattern. Play one of the classic games such as cornhole. In this game, you only need the cornhole board and the beanbags to play.

The next is the ladder ball which needs the two golf balls and also the nylon rope. It is such a popular grass game you can play with the kids. Tossing horseshoes is one enjoyable game to play outdoor. Frisbee is everyone’s favorite game that you can play with friends, family, and even your dog. Plan to have a camp now and try these games with your loved ones.

What is nature scavenger project?

Learning activities not only can be held in the classroom but also outdoor. In the classroom, students can learn the theory based on the books, meanwhile when they in outdoor, it can be a medium for them to learn about nature. When arranging the outdoor class materials, you might need to prepare different student projects to apply.

One of the projects that can be applied to outdoor classes is the outdoor scavenger hunt. In this game, the students have to give the mark on the listed sheet as the sign that they find the object while they are searching for it. Here’s what to prepare.

Prepare the outdoor scavenger hunt list by downloading it from the internet. Choose the design and the lists as you wish and print them on a piece of paper. Then, give clear instructions to the students about the projects that they have to walk around and mark the list if they find it.

This kind of project makes the students identify everything around them. If you apply it to kindergarten outdoor class, this activity can become the media to introduce them to nature and everything placed outside the class.

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Printable Camping Maze Coloring Page
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What are some problem-solving games with a camping theme?

The game can be one of the effective teaching media that you can also include the materials into it. One of the game categories you can perform in your class is problem-solving. Learning how to solve problems might affect the student’s quality of relationships with others.

It can also make them encourage their creativity which leads them to be a successful person in life. Using the game, they can get all of these while also having fun. There are many games theme you can apply in the class. If you want to make them also learn about nature, you can go with the camping theme. These are game problem-solving based on a camping theme you can choose.

The first one is camping seek and find. In this game, the students require to find certain objects in the picture. All you have to prepare for the students is the camping theme template. You can choose the one that has the color or not.  If you choose the colored template, you have to provide the picture you intended them to find. Then, the students can find it and give a clear mark on the whole picture. If you use the uncolored template, the things you ask your students to search can be colored manually by them using a colored pencil. 

Listing the vocabulary of camping based on the picture that they see. In this project, you should find the template that provides the words with the camping theme picture. You can make your students match the vocabulary with the right picture. For the preschoolers, choose the template with the words that they have to connect which will improve them in writing exercises. Fill in the black alphabet can be included too. Make the students fill in the right missing alphabet on the template. Remember to provide the pictures with it.

The third game can be a camping maze. In this game, students have to find the right way to find a certain place. In this case, you might require the students to find their way back home from the camping field. The last game you might perform is the crossword game. Before using this game, make sure you have already taught them about camping vocabulary. As a result, to make students more engaged with learning materials, applying games is the best for it. Choose the one that is in line with what your students might be interested in.

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