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Mar 27, 2023
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How to make gardening be simpler for older people?

Body, mind, and spirit are all nurtured by gardening as a hobby. Older people do appreciate gardening for this reason. Following are some gardening safety tips and recommendations, including:

  • Lift your beds. Having to constantly bend over and kneel while gardening represents one of the major reasons it gets difficult for seniors. It can significantly increase the danger of falling. That issue can easily be resolved with raised beds. Improved soil quality, reduced area requirements, and increased soil drainage are further advantages.

  • Reduce Your Lawn. A grass lawn requires a lot of work to keep up with. Perennials, herbs, or vegetables are preferred focuses for certain senior citizens. Reducing the amount of grass that requires maintenance when you have a lawn that requires constant maintenance is an excellent approach.

  • Give vertical gardening a thought. It is considerably simpler to maintain plants that are supported by poles and trellises. Beans, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes are all suitable plants for vertical gardens. For elderly people who may have mobility issues, it also helps reduce part of the walking required for gardening.

  • Take the appropriate precautions. When in the garden, keep your phone with you. In this manner, you won't be left alone if you require assistance. Wearing the right sun protection, such as a hat, sunglasses, long-sleeve shirt, and pants, is essential, even though you plant during cooler hours. You can benefit from the shirt and pants by avoiding ticks that can spread illness in addition to the sun.

  • Last but not least, because gardening is a physical exercise, if your health has changed recently, talk to your doctor. Before beginning to garden, certain medical professionals, such as physical therapists, advise warming up with stretches.


The right techniques for elderly people to garden

Following are some proper gardening techniques that may help seniors avoid injuries, including:

  • A kneeler stool is sometimes used by gardeners to weed. Some consider them to be burdensome. To avoid straining your ligaments, if you "kneel," make sure you're using a good ergonomic form. Keep your heels down when squatting. Try bending just one knee if you are kneeling.

  • If you don't employ good technique during a vigorous pruning job, you could end up with tendonitis in your wrists. Get some comfy pruners that are ergonomically designed first. Next, maintain a neutral wrist position by keeping it straight and unbent in both directions.

  • Use only tools with the proper length handles. Your back could become injured if you stoop. Purchase ergonomic, lightweight equipment instead.  It's important to remember that not everyone can use every "ergonomic" tool. A useful guide on "easy-to-use" gardening tools is available on the Arthritis Foundation's website.


When should elders begin spring garden preparations?

It's best to prepare the garden beds for the upcoming growing season a few weeks before you want to plant anything.

The best time to apply soil fertilizers, check that the soil isn't compacted, and get rid of stray weeds is in the early spring. Although if you're employing no-till techniques, you might be capable of skipping that step, one such time of year is popular for tilling too though.

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Recommendations for preparing the garden for the spring

Such advice must be taken into consideration when a new growing season begins in order to make gardening successful.

  • Remove the weeds. Remove all weeds immediately while the ground is still moist from winter. Compared to summertime dirt that is hard and dry, they will be easier to remove.

  • Trim the flowering plants that blossom in the summer. There is no risk of chopping off flower buds that have already formed because any of these bloom on wood that grows in the present growing season. Spring-blooming shrubs shouldn't be pruned until shortly after blooming.

  • Fertilize the beds. Granular fertilizer should be spread around the perennials, shrubs, and trees once the earth has thawed.

  • Look for winter damage in trees and bushes. Cut away any limbs that are storm-damaged, dead, or broken. If any evergreens have experienced tip diebacks due to the cold winter weather, then remove the tips.

  • Dead perennial leaves should be removed. If you neglected to prune the browned foliage last fall, you should immediately chop back the perennial flowers that were destroyed by the cold.

  • Split up perennials. The majority of perennial flowers that are growing in unwelcome places should be dug up and divided right before new growth starts.

  • Brush off matted leaves. There's no need to take those out. Matted leaves must be brushed or blown off the grass and out of evergreen groundcover beds, though, to allow the green plants to absorb sunlight.

  • Take off any winter protection. Remove burlap fences, wraps, and other barriers from landscaping plants that required additional winter protection when the risk of frost decreases.

  • Edge beds. The end of winter is an excellent opportunity to prune sharp edges along the whole garden beds, regardless of whether you utilize a piece of long-handled, human-powered edging equipment or a power edger.

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