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Apr 01, 2022
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Cross Coloring Pages Printables
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Why are adults doing arts during Easter?

There are several reasons why people conduct creative activities during this holiday. Particularly for adults, it has three key points. The first one is for personal development. Understanding the holiday can be done through images shading. The images themselves represent many attributes and animals related to Easter. Hence, one can appreciate and love fellow beings. It can train our hearts to cherish God’s creation. Secondly, adults can use this event to bond with their children. It is commonly known that this practice is considered childish, however, experiencing the same thing with your kids can create fond memories and greater understanding among each other. You can talk about the fun things you did in the past when you need to remember good things. Lastly, it is to exercise the skill that you have. You may have an innate talent or a liking to shade illustrations. Hence, you need to train yourself until you grow older. In some cases, you might find your gift later in life. You will never know how to harness it if you do not nurture it.

How can you make a coloring activity an event during a family gathering?

You may hold a party and a feast with your family. And you need to prepare it to be a successful gathering. One of the ways is to do art. First of all, you can have the meals in the dining room. Of course, make it as delicious as possible. Secondly, have a discussion about the religious values on Easter with your relatives. You can make it a reflection of each other’s life. Of course, be open-minded and kind when talking about it. Thirdly, you can start the main event. Prepare the materials. They are black and white outlined pictures of crosses, coloring pencils, crayons, and glitters. Let your family choose the kind of drawing they want to do. Of course, you need to consider the meaning of each one so that they can choose wisely. Provide them with coloring pencils and crayons. Suggest to them to use many techniques so that they will create the most beautiful hue. After they are finished, provide them with glitters to make things more pretty. Surely, they can reflect on the results and keep them as part of their wonderful memories. Have a great moment!

How to make your room with cross decorations?

If you want to make your room more beautiful with easter cross drawings, you can make a garland of crosses. First of all, you need to decide where to put the decoration. You can put it above your bed or on the wall near your study. Secondly, prepare the materials. They have outlined images of crosses, scissors, paint, water, a brush, a palette, a hole puncher, a thread, and glitters. Thirdly, start creating. Mix water and paint on the palette. Put hues on the shapes with paint. If you are finished, then cut them around the edges. Pour glitters. If you are done then make a hole on top of each of the shapes. Tie a string through the holes. Now, you can put them on the wall. It is important that you consider the height. Do not put it too high so that you can feel that it is far away but place it close to the place where you sleep or learn. Hence, you can always see them and be reminded of their values in everything that you do.

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How to make DIY cross images for shading activity?

You can do an art activity and want to make it more special. One of the ways is to make a sketch by yourself. There are several reasons why you need to do it. The first one is to put your artistic skill to use. Because you do it independently, you can know the length of your gift in coloring. The second one is to give the art identity. Since it is your hand that creates it, people can see that it is truly your creation. First of all, you need to provide the supplies. They are white paper, a ruler, a pencil, coloring pencils, crayons, and glitter. You can search for a prototype of it on the internet as an example. Now, start to draw the design with a pencil and a ruler. Add attributes to make it more beautiful. It can be flowers, vines, or stars. Now, use the coloring pencils or crayons accordingly. As the final touch, add glitters. Of course, if you want to make one for your children, you can repeat the same process but without the hues. Your kids will love it and feel appreciated.

How to teach bible history with easter cross illustrations?

You will hold a Sunday school and you need a prop to teach about Bible history. What you need to prepare are the black and white cross sketch, coloring pencils, and glitters. First, do the sketch with the coloring pencils. Add glitters. Now, you can teach your students using the prop. Surely, you can start by telling the events of the crucifixion and the meaning. Have a wonderful class!

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