Easter Basket Printable Template

Apr 04, 2022
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Easter Basket Template Printable
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Brief History of Easter

Rooted in more than 2,000 years of rituals and rituals, Easter commemorates pivotal events in Christ's Church, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For Christians, it is a moment to fulfill the biblical prophecy of Messiah that rises from the dead and to believe that there will be eternal life given in heaven for His believers.

The elucidation

The New Testament tells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. Miraculously born, prophesied as the Son of God and King of the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth made a name for himself as a rebellious servant, a worker with miracles, and giving help to the poor and marginalized. He acquired a band of dedicated followers and believers. 

The betrayal committed by Judas Iscariot led to Jesus being arrested and tried unjustly by Pontius Pilate. Finally, Jesus was sentenced to death by being crucified. On Sunday when the mourners were about to visit Jesus' tomb, they found that the tomb was empty. Thus that day is called Easter.

Crafting During Easter Season

To welcome the Easter holidays, you can be creative by making different types of crafts. One of them is the Easter basket, which can be used to store various objects and objects. Easter baskets can be made from paper, fabric, and various materials. It can be enhanced with ribbons, plants, and various gold plating to make it unique. 


Cited from National Geographic, the history of Easter baskets can be traced back to ancient European pagan traditions where baskets of food and flowers were used to celebrate the arrival of spring. These baskets were placed in the fields to thank the gods for a good harvest.

With the spread of Christianity, the custom of using baskets to celebrate the arrival of spring was adopted at Easter. Easter baskets symbolized the rebirth of life and the resurrection of Jesus. Over time, unique cultures and regions have developed their own Easter basket traditions. 

Around the world, it is common to fill baskets with brightly colored eggs, sweets, and other treats. In some countries, children will go hunt for hidden Easter eggs and put them in their baskets.

Importance of Crafting for Kids

You can get various kinds of benefits from crafting. This is due to its benefits which can improve children's cognitive and motor skills. Cutting, drawing, and pasting involve using the muscles of the hands to train children's motor skills.

Many handicraft activities such as beadwork and sewing require children to use their hands and eyes together. this helps improve hand-eye coordination, which is essential for activities such as exercising, driving, and playing musical instruments. Crafts can be social activities that allow children to work together and share ideas. Children will develop their social skills and learn how to work with others.

Easter Basket Template
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Easter Basket Template Printable
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Printable Easter Basket Template
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How to Make Easter Basket

Crafts about Easter baskets are definitely very useful for those of you who work as kindergarten teachers and parents who still have toddlers. Easter baskets can be one of the teaching aids in learning while playing with children. Here are the steps you can apply to make cute Easter baskets for your kids. 

  1. Collect Materials: You will need a basket, decorations like colorful ribbons, flowers, torn colorful papers, and tissue papers.
  2. Select a theme for the basket: Just decide on a basket theme like pastel colors, spring flowers, or Easter bunnies.
  3. Prepare a basket: Line the basket with tissue paper or scrap paper to create a soft base for placing items inside.
  4. Add product to the cart: Fill the basket with themed items such as plastic Easter eggs, candies, small toys, or stuffed animals.
  5. Decorate your basket: Add some decorative flair to your basket with colorful ribbons and flowers. You can also add a name tag or a small card with a beautiful message on it.
  6. Personalize your shopping cart: If you're gifting a basket, consider adding personal touches such as the recipient's favorite colors and items, so it will be very meaningful for the receiver. 

Choose one of your favorite models!

The model and design of the Easter basket can be selected according to your own taste and ability. Below is some recommendations for your Easter basket!

  1. Woven Single Basket: This is a classic design that can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as reeds, twigs, and plastic. Available at many craft stores and online, these baskets can be decorated with ribbons, bows, or flowers.

  2. Crocheted or woven baskets: If you're good at crocheting or knitting, you can use yarn and yarn to make soft and cozy Easter baskets. Many patterns and tutorials are available online to help you create the perfect basket.

  3. Carton basket: For a fun and easy paper craft, you can make a basket out of cardboard or scrapbook paper. There are many templates and patterns online that can be printed and assembled.

  4. Upcycling basket: If you're looking for a greener option, consider recycling the baskets and containers you already have, such as cans and crates. Celebrate Easter this year by decorating with paint, decoupage, or other decorations. 

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