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Nov 05, 2021
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Printable Web Graphic Organizer
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How can you let the kids create the storyline with graphics?

Instead of creating the ordinary project of the storyline for the kids, you can go with the interesting ones. That is using graphic storylines. If you are interested in this idea, just check out to know how you can arrange it!

All you need to prepare are the blank worksheet with the guidance and also a story for the kids to read. This kind of worksheet will involve reading and drawing skills.

It is called a writing story organizer because the sheet includes the things that are commonly seen in the story such as the settings, characters, problem, steps to solve the problem, and solution.

That’s why the kids need to deeply understand their readings.  After printing and sharing the worksheet and the story with them, then it’s time for you to explain how the worksheet should turn out to be.

Basically, kids have to read the story clearly. While reading the story, they can mark the point they need to put on the worksheet which is in line with the categories. After having the point, they can figure out how to draw the situation.

Continue to let them execute the task. If you want to go further, just make them color the drawing too. However, you also need to make sure that all of the kids understand each point they need to draw.

Those are how you can make the kids create the storyline with graphics. It is such a great way to make them pull off the creativity in showing the situation in the story through drawing.

What is the mystery addition worksheet?

If you want to make the kids learn two skills at a time, then you should think of the worksheet. Come up with the math skill along with the coloring skill through the mystery addition worksheet. If you are curious about how it works, just check it out and get inspired!

Basically, this worksheet contains the hidden picture that the kids should find through the addition which defines its color code. To do the worksheet, kids have to do the addition first and match it with the color code. The purpose is to color each grid so the intended graphic will show up.

For example, you already teach addition and want to make the kids get closer to the animal types. Then, you can create this worksheet in the animal theme. Involve an animal picture and let them find out while done with the addition and coloring of the grids.

If you want to apply the coloring and math in another style, just go with color by the addition. The difference is that the kids have already seen the picture, so they only have to find the color code through the addition and color of the picture.

Both styles are engaging, so choose the one that matches the most with your kids or students. Involve the picture that they are familiar with is interesting. However, you can also use them to object introduction.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer
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Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer Printable
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Blank T Chart Graphic Organizer
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How can you introduce kids to the object through pictures?

Learning things with pictures can be more fun. For the kids, it a great to introduce them to things through the picture. If you seek the recommendation on the tools you have to use to teach the kids with pictures, just check this out and get inspired!

Flashcard is not something uncommon anymore. Learning with flashcard help the kids to memorize the object better. Provide the picture that contains its vocabulary on it. Let the kids memorize the picture while also spelling the words.

Involve the coloring worksheet as the introduction tool is also awesome. Go with the theme and let them color it while also naming each object you put on the picture. Let the kids identify the picture can be the next stage of it. In this sheet, you will have a group of objects.

All the kids need to do is find the picture characteristic and mention it. For example, you can go with the animals’ theme and make the kids mention what’s on the animals such as the color, tail, and many more.

Tracing worksheet can be included on your list too. It is such a great way to introduce the kids to any object. They need to connect the dots to be a complete picture. You can also involve the coloring activity on this worksheet.

If you consider arranging this, then just decide the theme that kids would likely know. The future occasions will be great. For example, you can use the Halloween theme with the ambiance of the kids' Halloween party as the picture and let the kids trace while also coloring it.

Those are how you can introduce the kids to the object through pictures. Choose the ones that belong to your kids the most and let them have fun with them!

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