Kindergarten Alphabet Chart Printable

Sep 13, 2009
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Kindergarten Alphabet Chart Printable

Kindergarten Alphabet Chart Printable

Printable Alphabet Chart
Printable Alphabet Chartdownload

How many letters should a kindergarten recognize?

Well, when it comes to using the kindergarten alphabet chart for teaching our kids, we feel like we can't wait to see the progress of our kids. We really want to see their skills are developed well. We even expect that their skills in understanding the alphabet will lead them to be able to read faster. So, sometimes, we tend to introduce all the letters inside the kindergarten alphabet and letter chart in a single lesson.

However, just like anything else, learning needs a process and gradual steps too. So, we can't give them all the letters to be understood at once. So, we are required to give the letter assignment inside the kindergarten alphabet chart slowly too. This means we need to give them some of the letters in a single lesson. Yes, we chunk it.

However,  at least, the number of the required letters that the kindergartens are supposed to understand is ten letters. Well, the q-tip, if we want to start to educate children using the kindergarten alphabet chart to make them recognize the letters, we can start the lesson by using the first letter of their name first. This is because they are more familiar with those letters. Since it is because those are attached inside their name.

What order do you teach kindergarten letters?

Well, we can't simply give them 10 numbers from A to J first. There are certain letters that are required to be prioritized to be understood by kids before. It is because they are more common to appear in the daily texts. So, they need to understand it first to make the reading lessons become easier. Well, here are some words that are required to be introduced at the beginning of the lesson.

  1. s, a, t, i, p, n.
  2. c, h, k, e, h, r.
  3. m, d, g, o.
  4. l, f, b, q, u.
  5. j, z, w.
  6. v, y, x.

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Printable ABC Chart with Pictures
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Printable Alphabet Chartdownload
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Printable Alphabet Chartdownload

Should a five year old know the alphabet?

When we download kindergarten alphabet chart, we are required to understand that we can begin the lessons of letters introduction when our kids are at the age of 4. Then, we can also know that the cognitive ability of kids in this golden age is increasing rapidly, right?

So, surely, the skills of 4-year-old kids are supposed to be different from 5-year-old children. Well, at the age of 5, the kids are going to begin to associate the letters with their accompanying sounds. These skills can be called phonics. Besides, at the age of 5, kids are supposed to be able to understand that a certain word starts with a certain letter. For instance, they can know the "book" word is started by the letter B.

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