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Oral Presentation Grading Rubric

Oral Presentation Grading Rubric via


What is a presentation rubric?

A presentation rubric is an assessment form for someone who is presenting. Oral presentations have the same standard criteria in general. The difference is the number of scores is based on when the person is presenting. With the presentation rubric, you will prepare yourself more because you know the aspects will be assessed. As a teacher, with the presentation rubric it will be easier to judge without being careless.

How do you judge oral presentation?

Assessing an oral presentation consists of several aspects. Therefore, the rubric oral presentation has a different template. Adjusting the goals to be achieved from the presentation. But, the similarity in each template adjusts the basis of judgment when people make oral presentations

1.    Delivery - The clarity of the speaker conveys material. Including gestures, the tempo of speech, and articulation.

2.    Content - Includes the content of the presentation. Is there in-depth topics discussed by the speaker?

3.    Length of time - no one likes to listen to a presentation for a long time. People will get bored. Even the speaker will be exhausted if the presentation takes too long. So the time during the presentation becomes an important point to note.

How do you score a presentation?

Grading values in presentations can not be done randomly. In the rubric oral presentation, there is a point scale for each aspect that is assessed. Points scale can be a multiple of 10 so that the total score becomes 100. Depending on the number of aspects, then each aspect is given an appropriate point of difficulty to be converted to a total of 100 percent.

Oral Presentation Rubric High School

Oral Presentation Rubric High School via

 Printable Oral Presentation Rubric

Printable Oral Presentation Rubric via

Oral Presentation Rubric Elementary

Oral Presentation Rubric Elementary via

Oral Presentation Rubric Elementary

Oral Presentation Rubric Elementary via


What are the types of oral presentations?

There are many types of oral presentations that develop in society. But the most common is informative and persuasive. Informative is filled with information that needs to be known widely and in detail, while the persuasive is a further step from the type of informative presentation. How do you make sure that the information you submit is real and true.

To be able to convey information and convince people, you must really understand the contents of your presentation material. Because it will affect the number of scores that you receive after the presentation. For the tip, before you start to present, take time to practice by yourself. Because when you do it frequently, you will take control of the whole part of the presentation while relaxing.

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