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Jan 05, 2023
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Basic Yoga Poses Chart
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How do you start yoga as a beginner?

Applying healthy life is such a long time investment. One aspect of keeping your body fit is through the workout. Yoga includes the one that helps you maintain your health condition. It's not late to start everything right now as a beginner in yoga.

Start with the poses that are appropriate for the beginner. Practicing yoga means building awareness in your body. That's the way the key is to stay consistent and make progress. Here are some poses that suit you:

  1. Mountain pose


It allows you to pose like a mountain. This is the basic standing pose which able strengthens your muscles while increasing your focus at the same time. Check your ligaments by standing against the wall.


  1. Tree pose


This is how you can train the balancing. With stand on one foot and posing like a tree, you will improve your ability to balance your body along with increasing your concentration. Learning to breathe during this pose will make you relax.


  1. Triangle


Triangle is such a wonderful pose to make you stretch your waist, strengthen your legs, and open up the lungs. This move even tones up your full body.

To help you practice with the right pose, you can use the yoga chart. Select one template with those poses attached and stick it on your wall.


Can I do yoga during the period?

If you just questioning whether yoga is allowed or not during the period, well it's surely yes. Moreover, this workout style even gives a great impact when you experience sickness during the time.

Some people choose to go on with this routine but some of them also stop. In spite of everything, it still depends on you whether you feel comfy with keeping do your yoga or just passing it.

Science studies mentioned that yoga has a significant impact on reducing period pain. Other benefits are abdominal swelling along with breast tenderness. Two times a week of yoga as a routine also increases your life quality and improves your body fitness.

Women also stated that doing this workout during the menstrual period can moderate their emotions. It also has a great cause of easing back pain and cramps. 

The best poses you can try during the period are:

Cobra which supposed you to lie on your stomach while stretching your legs at the same time. Place the palms on the floor right under your shoulders and push against the body. Take inhale while pushing your arms to lift the chest and head. Slowly feel the floor while extending your toes. Do the exhale.

Cat makes you have to pose like the tabletop at the first. Make sure your arms are straight with the shoulders. Spread your knees as wider as your hip. Keep your head stay still while looking at the floor. Inhale and chin up while putting your head back. Push the navel and raise up the tailbone. Hold and exhale while rounding your spine and place your chin on the chest. Repeat a couple of times!

During yoga, you also need to maintain yourself by using hygiene products. Because it involves some moves, using the appropriate product will make you feel safe. For period products, there are some options you can have such as tampons, menstrual cups, pads, and more. Choose the clothes that make you comfy enough while practicing.

Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners Printable
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Yoga Poses Chart
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How do you use the yoga poses chart?

Apparently, some people might see the workout as their long-term investment while other ones just said who cares. If you just want to elevate your life, it's not late to start even now. Yoga is such a room-friendly workout you can do it even in your bedroom only. To help you catch up with the poses, a chart is needed. See how the poses chart can be beneficial, especially for the beginner.

You will perform right by seeing the chart. If you look at the chart design you have, it minimizes the mistake of your body movement. Some poses might look simple. However, when you practice them several times only, its the potential for you to forget the right position. Using the chart will lead you to exercise right.

It allows you to practice a lot of movement. Instead of focusing on how far you can memorize all the poses, using the chart make you pay attention to the practice. The importance of this exercise is how much your body can move, not the number of poses you can memorize. Practicing different styles might avoid you from getting bored too.

Let's talk about how to utilize it. First, choose and print out one of the templates from this website. Place it in your workout room and start practicing! If you already master all of those, add some movements, so you can do the yoga longer with many variations.

Yoga during period

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