Worst Halloween Costume Awards Printable

Oct 27, 2011
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What makes the worst costume for Halloween?

The definition of worst itself can be different for each person. However, in general, there is always something best and worst. Some of the most known worst Halloween costumes can be the iconic Lady Gaga’s meat costume or dressed as menstrual pads. Not only worse, but it also looks gross at the same time. Some even made costumes out of plastic bags. The concern might be great in order to help the environment, yet it took off as the worst Halloween costume at the same time. Too transparent maybe. However, there is always a chance where you might be seeing lots of bizarre and bamboozled costume awards happen at the Halloween party too.

What makes Halloween costume awards great for a party?

A Halloween party of course won’t be complete without costumes. People would dress up to the max for the ideas or some couples even try to get a pair of couple costumes. Besides the costumes that make a great upgrade for the event, a competition of the best and the worst also becomes the talk! It also plays the part to be the highlight to get each other ideas on showing off their creativity.  For such a contest, you might consider getting a trophy for both. These awards events can be held each year as you can pass the trophy to others. A badge award will do fine but unlike a trophy, it feels like more personal belonging to be given. On top of that, make sure you keep a borderline on what could be really worst to happen. You might create some lines such as the costume shouldn’t be transparent or referring to some sensitive issues among others.

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How do you make your own badge awards?

Creatively, you can use cardstock paper, ribbon, or even cupcake liner! If you are thinking of making one with a cupcake liner, what you need to find is various kinds of patterns on the cupcake liner. Also, the colors to create a layered badge to attach. Next up, to add ribbon accent and to paste the base of the badge, use cardstock paper and cut it with a pointy line of ribbon edges. On the center top, place your handwritten or awards templates to use. With a paper plate, you might get a big badge. This will likely be best to do as practice with your preschool or kindergarten kids. Besides paper plates, prepare some colorful paper, glue, friendly size scissors so they can work on their own with your guide. You can have this activity as an option for your holiday occasions or special days such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day too.

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