Woodland Animals Baby Shower Printables

Nov 11, 2022
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Printable Woodland Forest Animal Baby Shower
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How do you set the food table into a woodland theme at the baby shower?

When it comes to parties, setting the theme is important. It’s in line with the baby shower party. Numerous themes you can choose to make it festive. Instead of the party venue only, decorating the food table will make your party stunning. Woodland theme suit well for the party venue and its food table.

Here’s how you can decorate it with a woodland theme.

Set up the table in the color combo of earth tones and green leaves. Select the food tray with a design of rustic wooden looks. Add some embellishments such as fake grass, wooden tags, and many more. If you are considering cupcakes as the treat, go with the pine flower as the paper cup to place it. The cutleries need to be in a woodland theme too.

You can have a design with real wooden material or just use the wooden pattern. Add the dried flowers and the leaves to the vase to place them on your table. Set the backdrop with the earth tone color and have fake leaves as the embellishment. You can have the balloons with a woodland color palette as the corner decoration.

Serve the treats with the woodland creatures' looks. Have bird cupcakes to serve along with the edible grass as the embellishment. A fruit tray with colorful fill sounds great too. Shape the fruits in owl looks make it more woodland.

Serve a cake in rustic wooden looks seems stunning too. To attract the kids, serve the cake pops in animals’ head looks. Fox, bear, and owl are great to display with the wooden skewer. Turns out the veggies like on its tree. You can have the apple hanging on the small trees for the guest to pick it.

Those are the ideas for arranging food tables in a woodland theme. Elaborate with your creativity and have a festive celebration!

How can you decorate the entrance for the baby shower?

It is important to decorate your entrance when you planning to have a celebration. When it comes to baby shower parties, decorating the entrance with the things linked to the celebration is a must. Nature is a great theme to set as your party decoration.

If you are seeking for a recommendation for decorating your entrance in a nature theme for a baby shower party, let’s just get to the details below!

Place a garland décor for embellishing your door. Have a wreath with a circular frame and decorate it with fake leaves and dried flowers. Place the wooden animal template as the pendant. The welcome sign is also crucial to place.

Paint your welcome tags in canvas sounds great. State the details of the party name, party host, and date details. Display it with the wooden holder and have some flowers for embellishing the welcome sign.  

For the door area, decorate the door frame with balloons in green, white, and brown colors. Make it more festive with the details of leaves around them. The large standing flower bucket will be great for the entrance too.

Those are the ideas on decorating the entrance for a baby shower, hopefully, you gain some insight and then apply the style for your baby shower.

Woodland Forest Animals Clip Art
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What do you do at a baby shower besides games?

Instead of all the treats and decorations, the activities need to throw to make the celebration more festive. At baby shower parties, you can choose some activities besides games to make the party still fun and memorable. If you are looking for activities besides games for a baby shower, this post is for you!

The raffle is such a great activity to throw gifts without the game. In this activity, you will provide the tickets for the guest to exchange with the diapers. So, each ticket will have the numbers that refer to the price.

Set up the area for the photo booth and let the guest take pictures in it. Create a cool backdrop with the photo props, so the guest can take cool pictures too. Let the guest write the wish on clothes will make mom smile once she sees it. Provide white baby clothes and a colorful marker as the tools to write the wish.

Let the guest have some fun with painting the rocks with the wishing for the baby and month. Make the guest pull off their creativity in painting the rock as they wish. Later, you can place it as the home décor. Diaper message seems to be the must-do activity for a little fun. Make all guests write the notes for the baby on it and arrange it to look like baby clothes.

Select one of these ideas as your activities and let your guest have a great time at your party!

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