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Oct 20, 2009
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VW Cars Paper Model Template
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What is the VW bus called?

The VW itself is the abbreviation of Volkswagen. The word "Volkswagen" was adopted from German language. The origin meaning is "people's car". One of the Volkswagen products is the VW bus. This is actually a Volkswagen Type 2. There are various terms to call this VW Type 2. The naming is usually based on the body type. When we want to understand the shape of the VW bus, we can download VW bus paper template. It helps us to understand a very general and basic anatomy of the VW bus.
There are some names of Volkswagen Type 2, including Transporter, Kombi, and Microbus. There are also exclusive names that are only used in some countries, including the Bus in the United States, Camper, in the United Kingdom, or Pão de Forma in Portugal. The translation of Pão de Forma sounds funny. It means "loaf of bread". It's because the shape of the Volkswagen Type 2 is rectangular in 3D and has quite rounded edges, just like a loaf of uncut bread.

When did they stop making the VW bus?

Volkswagen ended the production of the microbuses in 2013. This year, there is a "Last Edition"  of a VW bus production. Volkswagen actually creates the last edition models as many as 600 models before they end the production. This signs that they really end the production that has occured for 66 years. However, we can still get good news. Volkswagen Bus will be back. They will create the electric version of the minibus. They had planned that this electric minibus will be sold in 2022. This VW bus will be released for three areas, including the United States, Europe, and China. This news has even been published since 2013.

How many VW buses were made?

The total production of VW bus is approximately 3.9 million. Those numbers have been built around the world. There are 1.5 million were collected in Brazil. In 2013, there were 13,000 buses produced in Brazil. Most of them have been collected by hands. In 1967, one of the VW versions, splittie ended the era. When Volkswagen decided to stop the production line, VW had produced 1,477,330 of these types of buses.

VW Bus Template Printable
VW Bus Template Printabledownload
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How fast can a VW bus go?

A 1956-Microbus of The Volkswagen was recorded to run for 75 seconds with a speed range from 0-60 mph. In fact, it was the highest speed test for a vehicle. Actually, it didn't require more time, only 27 seconds to reach the distance as far as 0.25 miles from start to finish ponts. However, there is an unusual discovery. VW put the sticker on the bus that said, "The maximum allowable speed is 50 miles per hour." Even though it's tracked that with a tailwind, this VW Minibus can go as fast as 70 mph on a level highway. A model 1956 of The Volkswagen was recorded at 36 horsepower at 3,700 rpm and 56 pounds/feet of torque at 2000. The tested product weighed 2,300 pounds.

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