Printable Paper Easter Basket Template

Updated on Apr 04, 2022
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Paper Easter Basket Template
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How to make your Easter more Sustainable and Eco-Friendly?

Who doesn’t love playing an egg race while spending time eating bunny-shaped chocolates, along with the feast amidst colorful eggs? But we had no idea how much trash we had left over from the holiday festival. As a result, now is the time to plan an eco-friendly Easter. Make it more sustainable, like making natural Easter egg tie-dye, until you reduce food waste.

Swaps for sustainable gifts

Look for your children's Easter gifts—have they been played with or have they been left behind? Adults can use Easter baskets to set up a glass bottle of kitchen ingredients or to set up a snack display. Swap other gifts that can be more sustainable than just a worn display.

To reduce toxins and wasteful packaging and make it more sustainable, replace your butane lighter with a rechargeable one. Instead of using parchment paper, use a silicone baking mat since it is more reusable and best for zero-waste baking.


Limiting the food waste

When you and your children dye hard-boiled eggs using natural colors, don't throw them away afterward. They're fine to eat as long as you don't leave them out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). You're good to go if you complete your family's Easter egg search on time!

New questions come up. What about the shells, though? Put them in the compost! Eggshells are high in calcium and vital elements, making them an excellent addition to your kitchen compost bin.

Moreover, when purchasing eggs, you can make the most ethical and sustainable choice. To guarantee that animals are never imprisoned and are provided with high-quality food, look for a Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved label. You may also help small businesses by visiting your local farmers' market.


Replace Plastic Eggs

Oh, really, plastic eggs are eye-catching colors, affordable, durable, and safe from being cracked or damaged—but they don’t last long. They cannot be recycled after they have broken. This is because the plastic being used usually contains lead paint and Bisphenol A or commonly known as BPA. Furthermore, many recycling facilities may refuse them since they can become trapped in the recycling machinery and disrupt the recycling process. As a result, your plastic Easter eggs are likely to wind up in a landfill.

Use wooden Easter eggs instead. You won't have to worry about sending trash to the landfill if you use wooden Easter eggs. Nevertheless, like the plastic options, you can still fill them with sweets. Most importantly, if you prefer painting eggs, wooden Easter eggs are readily customizable, allowing you and your family to enjoy an Easter-themed project without the plastic trash.

Printable Easter Basket Template
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Paper Easter Basket Template Printable
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Easter Basket Template
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Easter Bunny Basket Template Printable
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Choose recyclable or compostable packaging.

Very often forgotten is the fact that most candy wrappers, contrary to common perception, cannot be recycled. They may be made out of a variety of materials, including plastic and metal.

Even though there is a recycling mark on the package, the wrappers are frequently discarded. Look closely for recyclable or compostable solutions for a low-waste feast. Choose cruelty-free and vegan bunny chocolates and compostable packaging instead.


Saving money on Easter decorations!

Instead of purchasing new decorations for Easter like baskets and other goods, why not visit your local thrift store? Other than not purchasing at all, shopping secondhand is one of the most sustainable ways to be a consumer to find a new-like Easter basket.

You're sure to discover stunning basket alternatives, vintage decorations, and even some amusing basket accessories. Furthermore, because your discoveries are absolutely unique, you will not have the same decorations as the others.


Choose low-waste candies and chocolates.

The supermarket aisles brimming with candy and chocolates are one of the nicest aspects of the holidays. Unfortunately, the majority of the sweets and chocolates in the grocery store's festive department are packed in plastic.

If you're looking for something delicious to put in your Easter baskets, search for low-waste, ethically-created treats. This includes choosing Fair Trade chocolate (a movement and certification body that provides a platform for farmers and industrial owners to establish ethical practices) or chocolate made with the environment and employees in mind.


Experiment with your children!

Easter baskets are frequently brimming with new toys, sweets, and chocolate. Rather than teaching your children about a materialistic society, give them a gift that you can enjoy and experience together rather than a toy that they will soon forget and waste. Try going to the zoo to witness the new newborn animals, going to a park to discuss the variety of plants and flowers, or taking a cooking class using fresh, natural ingredients.

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