Vintage Tin Can Labels Printable

Nov 17, 2012
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Tin Can Labels Vintage Free
Tin Can Labels Vintage Freedownload

What is a Can label sizes?

When we want to decorate the bottle can with vintage tin can labels, we must look for the precise size of the label. However, we may forget, to adjust the size of the vintage tin can labels, we have to understand of the can itself firstly. It's because the label follows the sizing of the can. The unlabeled cans or tins are named brite.

Those come in various sizes, with the range starting from 5.5 ounces to 32 ounces. Usually, the common standardized size of aluminum can in the United States is 12 fl. ounces. It means that this can has the diameter as wide as 2.12 inches and the tall of the can is 4.75 inches. This size is perfect for standard beer label, with the width is 4 inches and the height is 3.5 inches. The suitable label for 12 ounce can is in the range between 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. If we choose to label 32 ounces can, we can put the label as measured as 4"x4", 5"x5", or 6"x4".

What is the difference between a sticker and a label?

When we want to put the label on the stuff, we can simply peel a sticker that is designed before, like we download vintage tin can labels template on a sticker and peel it off. This activity makes us assume that labels and stickers are the same things. However, there is a main difference between a sticker and a label. Based on the standard and defaulted materials, stickers are made from thick vinyl which is premium. The label is commonly used for promotion. It is also handed out individually or attached within packaging. Meanwhile, the labels are built from a thin film, called BOPP. This material is usually used in a production of packaging or bottles. This material is commonly chosen by manufacturers because the material makes the labels easier and faster to peel without giving the glue excess on the surface after it's peeled.

Vintage Can Labels Printables Free
Vintage Can Labels Printables Freedownload
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Vintage Can Labels Printables Free
Vintage Can Labels Printables Freedownload

How are labels printed on cans?

Usually, cans are more familiarly used in beverage products, like beers or various kinds of soda. When the manufacturers produce the packaging in the form of a can, they put the labels on the cans by using a wet-fill process. It means that when customized labels are placed on the cans, the labels have to be cold and wet.

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