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Aug 22, 2010
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Printable Christian Bible Verse Valentine Cards
Printable Christian Bible Verse Valentine Cardsdownload

What do you write in Valentine's scripture cards?

Valentines are celebrated by almost all people in the world. The celebration is based on a very old story. Surprisingly, the story is sacred. That is why some people often connect Valentine's day with some religions or beliefs. One of the most popular and common practices is by using some Valentine scripture cards. If you want to write some good verses, you need to remember that scripture writing is not always exactly the same. There are some Bible verses that you can use as your love expression. Those are John 3:16, Romans 13:10, Proverbs 17:17, Ephesians 4:12, or Luke 6:35. Each of them has a very specific meaning. You can use them for certain relationships. But all of them are about love.

Is Valentine’s Day related to Christianity?

Valentine’s Day has other names, those are Saint Valentine’s Day and Feast of Saint Valentine. There are many versions of stories related to the date. Some of them are about the imprisonment of Saint Valentine. Others are about the death of Saint Valentine in AD 269. All of those have a close relation with Christianity. In fact, it is all originated as the feast day for Western Christian in order to honor Christian martyrs called Saint Valentine. In some countries, the celebration of the feast day is still organized. For now, each country has its own way of celebrating Valentines. One of them is by giving the Valentine scripture cards.

What is a good Bible verse for couples?

Valentine's day added by Bible verse always feels more sacred. It also feels purer. In fact, the Bible verse used as a message on the Valentine scripture cards can be used as guidance for a couple. There are many verses that have really good messages for couples, especially for their marriage. Some of them are from Genesis 1:27-28, Isaiah 54:5, Ephesians 4:2-3, Mark 10:9, Psalm 143:8, or 1 Corinthians 16:14. Those verses are very powerful messages to tighten the relationship in the marriage. It will not only bring more intimate bonds to the couples but it will also strengthen each other’s love.

Printable Scripture Valentines
Printable Scripture Valentinesdownload

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Which profession receives most Valentine's Cards?

When Valentine comes, there are so many stories recorded by the time. Some of them are even unique and very distinct. The Romeo and Juliet story is also one of the most famous romantic love that is commonly cited and increasingly popular whenever the Valentines comes. Another story is that there are certain jobs or professions which will be likely to receive more Valentine’s cards than others, also, there will be more Valentine's scripture cards than others. According to several resources, teachers are considered as the profession receiving the most Valentine’s cards. It is very common actually very common because they face so many people each day, from students to families.

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