Printable Vintage Valentine Cards

Jan 28, 2022
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Printable Vintage Valentines Day Cards
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What is a vintage theme?

In general, vintage means that which is old-fashioned and is produced in the past. Usually, it revolves around the style used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Particularly, when it is used for cards, several characteristics stand out. The design incorporates the technique of art nouveau. It has markings of curved lines and flowers and plants. It shows the feeling of nostalgia. The color preferences are likely to match with soft pastels of brown and rustic. It also has manuscript handwriting for giving the legitimate pattern of nostalgic feeling you get about it. As you may have seen and noticed, your parents or grandparents usually write in cursive too. The cursive handwriting itself is not also a part of vintage art but something more into a part of an art form.

What are the elements of the Valentine card?

The components of the design can be broken down into four parts. They are the color, the shape, the attributes, and the words. The first one is the color. Vintage Valentine cards use the hue of faded green, brown, or white as the background. Then the main character at the center uses strong colors such as red, blue, white, yellow, or black. The second one is the shape. Most of the cards utilize a heart shape or a frame. Meanwhile, the attribute varies a lot. It includes pictures of little children, animals, flowers, and plants. The last thing is the letter or word. Typically, words or phrases are written using contrasting colors against the shape or background. When all are combined, it creates a beautiful, nostalgic and lovely message.  

What are the purposes of sending written words to Valentine?

People send words of love for various reasons. The first one is to wish someone good things on Valentine. They may hope someone to be happy or healthy. It is a common activity to send a wish to your friends or family. A more specific and private purpose is usually done in a romantic relationship. It is to show how important your loved ones are. It can be said that one can not live without the other. Or it is to show how serious a relationship has progressed. You can say that to your fiance or boyfriend or girlfriend. In the other words, sending someone a Valentine card means that you were showing your appreciation for their loving affection and for having to care about you and also in the other way around.

How can we maintain and appreciate Valentine cards?

Nowadays, cards are manufactured with wonderful drawings. Some are made with such high-quality papers. Even further, when the words are artfully crafted, it is no wonder that many of us want to preserve the cards. It is not only for the sake of sentiment but also for aesthetics. There are several ways to keep our beloved cards safe. The first one is to laminate and put it in a box inside our cupboard. It is the simplest way to make the card last longer. However, we can not look at and appreciate the card for it is safely hidden. The other way is to frame the card and put it on display. It can be on the wall or a cabinet. With a see-through glass as a cover, we can occasionally look and reminisce the memories. Of course, it is way more pleasing for the giver for it displays pride and great appreciation. The last one is by placing it at a museum. It offers a greater technique of preservation. Museums such as the Museum of London have over 1.700 Valentine cards.

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Printable Vintage Valentines
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Printable Vintage Valentines Day Cards
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Old-Fashioned Valentine Cards
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Printable Vintage Valentines
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Vintage Valentines Day Card
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How does the creative industry make cards?

Valentine cards mostly are produced by big companies and shops. However, a lot of artists and designers work independently to produce their own goods. Millennials are extremely interested in opening their own shops. The cards are usually hand-drawn, painted, or beautifully printed. Some of the artists get away from the mainstream and use vegetable-based ink. Others employ recycled papers to save the environment. Of course, what makes such cards distinct from a regular one is the thought and the philosophy of choosing the way and the type of materials used to make the card. The materials can even be bamboo or wood. It benefits you because it is original and a limited edition of a card.

What type of card is the most popular on the remembrance of Saint Valentine?

They usually have bright colors and catchy words. The designs are centered and clear. It contains several attributes. They are food, plants, transportation, flowers, charts, and people. These kinds of cards are funny, heartfelt, and witty. They use word-play and puns to name the cards. Another unique type of card is a pop-up one. It contains crafts made of paper and has three-dimensional attributes or objects. Even though it is more expensive, many people find this type of card interesting. Some are even likely to make their own kind of card with their favorite styles like the vintage style or modern style to match their preference.

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