Valentine Lips Printable Cards

Mar 06, 2015
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Printable Lips Template
Printable Lips Templatedownload

What are Valentine Lips Cards?

It is a valentine card that has the shape of lips or contains a lot of lips images on it. It is a loving yet passionate card. It can be fun too if you choose to use lips that look cartoony and comical. The shape of lips themselves matches the valentine vibe perfectly. It represents passion and love and shows how love can be expressed through a kiss. In this pandemic time, you can consider sending these cards as a replacement for an actual kiss because physical contact is not the safest to do right now.

Where do you get Valentine Lips Cards?

Companies that print and sell cards become more and more creative each year and they come up with a lot of fun design ideas. You can find the cards with lips design on them pretty easily. Either they are in the shape of lips, featuring lip designs, and even the cartoon ones you can send to little kids. You can also try to support independent artists by purchasing their crafts. Some of these artists may come up with a more unique design and you can even pay them for commission stuff including personalized lip cards. Ask them about the services they offer. Some artists allow you to request a personalized design so you can use it to your advantage and get the most unique cards designed specifically for you. 

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How do you make your own Valentine Lips cards?

Making your own cards is fun. You have a lot of freedom to be creative and create unique cards no one else has. You can start by planning the design digitally. You can be looking for lips illustrations online and use them in your design. Make sure that the picture you download is free to use. 

First, you can use a kiss print image to mimic an actual kiss print. You can put on right at the end of the message as if you would kiss the cards for real. This is the safer alternative to do because kissing an actual card and sending it to people is not a wise thing to do especially in this pandemic where you can spread the virus very easily. 

The second one is by using the lips shape as the main shape of the card. You can cut the paper following the shape of the lips and write the messages on them. You can also create a pop-up card with a regular card and pop some lip cutouts to it.  

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Valentine Lips  Printable Cards

Valentine Lips Printable Cards

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