Frozen Printable Water Labels

Mar 14, 2015
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Disney Frozen Water Bottle LabelsDisney Frozen Water Bottle Labelsdownloadvia

How do I make my own water bottle labels?

It must be fun to have our customized "brand" for our bottled water. Yes, we actually can customize the design of the water labels. If we want Frozen by Disney to decorate our bottled water, we can simply download the Frozen water labels template. There are also so many choices that we can make to customize our water bottle besides download the template of water labels, including Frozen water labels.

Well, if we want to own our personal Frozen water labels, here are some things to do:
1. Prepare the following materials
We need to prepare this stuff, including clear tape 2 inches wide, printed Frozen water labels template and cut it to 8.5 inches x 1.75 wide. Make sure the diameter of the bottle of the water to make sure that 8.5 is enough to cover the body of the bottle. Don't forget to bring our scissor to cut the labels. The main point that can't be forgotten is a bottle of water that the labels are removed. Keep in mind that the volume of the bottle is 16.9 oz.
2. Unroll the tape, make sure the adhesive side is on the top or facing up. It is really fine not to cut the tape off. If you want to cut it off, make sure the length of the tape that will be cut is 9.5 inches.
3. Place a frozen water label on the center of the adhesive side of the tape. Leave approximately 0.5 inches each side of the tape. When we want to put the label on the tape, be careful. We need to reverse the Frozen water label first. So, the plain side is facing up. Don't forget to rub the back side to remove the air bubbles.
4. Stick the Frozen water label on the bottle.

What are water bottle labels made of?

Usually, there are various kinds of materials that can be used for water labels, including Frozen water labels. If we want to customize at home, we can simply use card stock or thin photo paper and use clear tape to make it sticky so we can put it on the water bottle. Usually, when it comes to the commercial company, they actually use textured paper, vinyl, and polypropylene. They can also make water bottle labels using metallic and clear substances.

Frozen Water Party Label Printables FreeFrozen Water Party Label Printables Freedownloadvia
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Disney Frozen Water Bottle LabelsDisney Frozen Water Bottle Labelsdownloadvia
Frozen Water Bottle Labels Printable PartyFrozen Water Bottle Labels Printable Partydownloadvia
Disney Frozen Water Bottle LabelsDisney Frozen Water Bottle Labelsdownloadvia
Frozen Water Bottle Labels Printable FreeFrozen Water Bottle Labels Printable Freedownloadvia
Frozen Water Bottle Labels FreeFrozen Water Bottle Labels Freedownloadvia
Frozen Water Bottle LabelsFrozen Water Bottle Labelsdownloadvia

What size are water bottle labels?

Again, the answer to this question really depends on the manufacturers of the water bottle. Each company has its own regulation to produce water bottles. They even have various sizes. We can see they call it "Economic size" as the small bottles and "Family size" for the bigger bottles. If we want to see the common size of water bottles, usually, they are divided into two sizings based on the volume of bottles. The volumes are 16 oz and 8 or 12 oz. The 16 oz version of the water bottle label needs a water bottle label as wide as 8x2 inches. Then, when we want to customize a water bottle that is 8 or 12 oz with Frozen water labels, we can cover it with the 8.25x1.75 inches of the labels.

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