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Feb 07, 2021
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Printable 16X16 Sudoku Grid
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What is sudoku?

Sudoku refers to a number game. The players need to fill the blank grid with the correct numbers. Usually, the common form of sudoku worksheets have 9x9 grids. The grids are divided into 3x3 grids. The total boxes on the worksheet is 81 grids. The divided grids before are separated with thick lining. Since the divided grids are separated into 3x3 grids, they contain nine grids called blocks. However, there is another form of sudoku, which is 16 sudoku or hexadoku. It refers to the worksheets of sudoku that contain 16x16 grids divided into four blocks that have 4x4 grids each block. The amount of the whole grid is 256 grids. The divided grids contain 16 grids.

What are the benefits of playing sudoku?

1.    Stimulates brain
2.    Sudoku is a logical thinking game. Every time the players begin the game, some parts of the brain are stimulated and trained. This helps to strengthen memories.
3.    Develops thinking skills
4.    When the players are facing the blank worksheet that needs to be filled, the brain immediately finds the logical possibilities of the correct numbers to be written. Then, the brain instantly looks for the pattern of the puzzle.
5.    Trains memory
6.    When the players already find the pattern, they are required to remember that every time they need to fill the blank grids. This activity enforces them to keep and retain things inside their memory for some time. So, the memorizing skills are fully trained.
7.    Helps to understand the concept of the whole and the part
8.    The player needs to know that every single grid is associated with one another. They need to understand that the smaller parts that we can call “subtasks” need to be done first so that the players can find the pattern for the whole puzzle.

X 16 Printable Sudoku Puzzles
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Printable 16X16 Sudoku Puzzles
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How to play 16 sudoku?

Since the more challenging game of sudoku should has the more amount of grids, we need to know how to play the game:
1.    The players are required to see the worksheet in the whole row, column, and the block. Thus, each of them has 16 cells.
2.    Start analyzing the row and the columns. Look for which numbers that haven’t written on the blank grid, row, and the block.
3.    Pick the numbers between 1 to 16.
4.    After filling the rows and the columns, analyze that the cell is the part of the block.
5.    Make sure that the filled numbers don’t appear more than once in the whole grids of rows, columns, and blocks.

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