Printable Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols

Apr 27, 2014
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Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments
Printable Jesse Tree Ornamentsdownload

What Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols for?

Essentially, Catholic Jesse tree symbols are for commemorating the root of Jesus Christ's descendant, King David. It connects Jesus and the other biblical personages. As it is considered sacred, then, people use the symbols as decoration. Parents can decorate the Jesse tree symbols with the children to introduce Advent as the tradition before December 24. They will teach the kids how to arrange the tree and show them the 24 symbols of the Jesse tree. Some of them also introduce the symbols through a coloring page, since it is also available.

What We Will See on Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols?

The first thing you will is the tree. Since it is a tree relating to Jesus' descendant, you will see branches. Then, the symbols, which are 24 in total, ranging from the Creation, based on the Bible, to Jesus as the Light of the World. The first symbol can be the sun, then follows with man and woman, apple with bite, dove, sword, a bundle of wood, ladder, silver coins, baby in a basket, lamp, crimson robe, 6-pointed star, temple, hammer, pierced heart, river, oil lamp, stone tablets, a plant with flower, key, the sun rising, crown, chalice and host, and lastly, a flame. 

Jesse Tree Paper Ornaments
Jesse Tree Paper Ornamentsdownload

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Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols and Meanings
Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols and Meaningsdownload
Printable Jesse Tree Symbols
Printable Jesse Tree Symbolsdownload
Jesse Tree Symbols Coloring Pages
Jesse Tree Symbols Coloring Pagesdownload
Jesse Tree Symbols
Jesse Tree Symbolsdownload

Can We Color Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols?

Absolutely! You can color and decorate the Catholic Jesse tree symbols. Since the templates can be for little kids, you will find many of the templates are blank and white. But basically, everybody can put some color and decoration on the templates. For example, you can color the symbols with colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, glitters, and such. Some people stick some cardstocks and colored paper on the back of the symbols. This one template is the same as any other template, where you can explore your creativity with it. You are free to add soft colors as you like.

Where Can We Get Template for Catholic Jesse Tree Symbols?

There are a lot of choices of Catholic Jesse tree symbols templates you can get on the internet. You can download the templates for free from many different websites. You can find them on family, religious, and crafting forums. Most of them also made templates for their family because there is a lot of fun making ones. You can also find the templates in the religious gift stores where you can either do it yourself or let the representative do it for you.

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