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Feb 23, 2023
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What is The Digital Age?

The digital age is another name for the information age. This is a period that began in 1970. In that year, personal computers were introduced and marketed. That creates a massive distribution of information throughout the world.

This digital era will make the current generation and the next generation become digital natives. Smart homes and smart apps will also emerge and be used in various areas of life.

With this, humans must obey the rules of technology. Ease of access to various information has also increased. Therefore, we can gain a lot of knowledge in a short time.

Because information becomes easier to get, data becomes something valuable in this digital era. Data is also used as key insight by businesses to be able to strategize, save costs, and speed up processes.

How to Celebrate Easter in The Digital Age to Enhance Spiritual Experience?

After passing Lent, Easter Sunday is the most awaited day by Christians. The Easter holiday brings lots of festive celebrations that make everyone happy.

In this digital era, you can do Easter celebrations with technology. Of course, it can still enhance the spiritual experience for people who celebrate it. What are the ways to celebrate Easter in the digital age to enhance spiritual experience? Here's the full explanation.

  1. Attend Virtual Church Events

    In this digital era, we can watch many events virtually. Technology is really able to remove all location restrictions. Because Easter Sunday is the day used to held the worship together at the church, you can attend the service virtually.

    You can use a platform that provides live streaming of worship at church on Easter Sunday. There are many platforms that have collaborated with the church to be able to perform services on Easter Sunday for Christians around the world together.

  2. Virtual Dinner Together

    You just need to order food online for the Easter holidays. Then, you can eat the food together with your family, partner, or friends from any region.

    Make video calls during the dinner. After finishing dinner together, you can chat with them about the meaning of Easter. One of the people could start telling the story of Jesus and Easter.

  3. Easter Egg Hunt Online

    Have you ever done a virtual Easter egg hunt? Well, you can do this to celebrate Easter with the people closest to you from various regions or countries.

    Not only children, adults can do this event. Use the platform with an easy interface to make the egg hunt run smoothly. How to do that virtual egg hunt?

    You just need to hide some eggs around your house area. Then, give some clues to your friends regarding where the eggs are hidden. The person who can guess the location quickly and precisely is the winner. You can use the gamification features available on the platform you are using.

    Well, egg hunting can be a way to increase the spirituality of Christians. The reason is, eggs have the meaning of new birth which is a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus after his death.

Religious Easter Printable Tags
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What are Virtual Easter Party Ideas?

People make the Easter holiday as the best time to have a festive party. They hold dinner together and special Easter costume events with friends, partners, or family. In fact, restaurants and bars are also busy with visitors because of that.

To save your budget and energy, you can have a virtual Easter party. Here are some of those Easter party ideas.

  1. Virtual Happy Hour

    Cocktails are drinks that are usually served at Easter. With cocktails, all food tastes better. So, do the Easter virtual happy hour by turning cocktails into party drinks.

    You just need to send multiple drink mix lists to all attendees at your virtual party. You can look for drink mix inspiration on the internet. 

    Then, make a Zoom call and invite all your party attendees. Then, play a virtual happy hour game and give some Easter icebreaker questions. Then, all participants can drink cocktails together
  2. Easter Hat Contest

    Another party you can do is an Easter hat contest. In this competition you can make several events such as hat making competitions, fashion show competitions using hats, and others.

    Ask participants to use white plates decorated with string, rubber bands, or ribbons. Then, give them 10 to 20 minutes to turn the plates into Easter hats. Let them use other accessories to decorate the hat.

    Everyone can participate in this Easter hat competition, from children to adults. Create a room on Zoom or Google Meet to hold the competition.

  3. Virtual Spring Bingo

    Bingo games are usually played face-to-face. However, with advances in technology, the game can be played virtually. Send cards to all attendees of your party.

    Next, use a Bingo game template that you can easily find on the internet. Make several groups of participants and write their names in each column of the template. Don't write the same person's name in each of these columns. You also have to give a hint after shuffling the boxes.

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