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Apr 04, 2022
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Christian Easter Craft
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Easter as a Christian Commemoration

According to, easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after His Crucifixion. Although the commemoration of Jesus' resurrection probably took place before then, the first records of Easter celebrations date back to the second century.

Liturgical calendar

In the Christian calendar, Easter follows Lent. Lent is 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter and is traditionally celebrated with acts of penance and fasting. Shortly before Easter is Holy Week, which also includes Holy Thursday. This is a reminder that Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples. Good Friday, when Christ was crucified, and Holy Saturday, the day of passage from the cross to the resurrection. 

Liturgical observance

Easter comes liturgically after the Great Vigil, which was originally observed somewhere between the sunset on Easter Saturday and the sunrise on Easter Sunday. It was then celebrated in Western churches on Saturday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. In 1955, he set the time for the Roman Catholic Church's all-night vigil at 10 o'clock. In Orthodox tradition, the vigil remains an important liturgical event but is largely unknown in Protestant churches. 

Why Is It Called Easter?

Some argue that the word Easter comes from the pagan goddess of spring and fertility, Eostre. According to lore, Eostre found a dead bird from the cold, turned it into a rabbit, and warmed it with its fur, but this rabbit still laid eggs like a bird.

"In one version of the story, the rabbit paints and decorates the eggs as a gift to her Eostre to show her loyalty and love," says Brandi, author of The Goddess Guide. Auset tells her gain. This story is the reason for the Easter bunny tradition, and if you ask the company that makes the popular Peeps marshmallow candy, it's likely why rabbits, birds, and chicks are associated with the holiday. 

Easter Egg

Easter egg coloring is not just about making cute Easter decorations and having fun with your kids. In fact, dyeing Easter eggs may also have a deeper religious connection. One of the Easter egg-related traditions is related to Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus for the first time after her resurrection.

According to legend, she presented a pure white egg to the emperor to announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The emperor said that Jesus' resurrection from the dead was just as likely as the egg turning red while Jesus was still speaking and the egg turning bright red. 

The use of painted or decorated Easter eggs was first mentioned in the 13th century. Although the church forbade the consumption of eggs during Holy Week, the concept of hens laying eggs throughout the week and specifically marking those eggs as "Holy Week eggs" was incorporated into egg decoration. The egg itself is the image of resurrection. Just as Jesus rose from the grave, the egg symbolizes the beginning of new life from the shell of the egg. In Orthodox tradition, the eggs are painted crimson to represent the blood Jesus shed on the cross. 

Resurrection egg

You can create a set of 12 eggs. Each one represents a different event in Jesus' last week. You can use plastic eggs and put symbols such as nails, bread, or stones inside to represent your event. Resurrection Eggs are a fun, interactive way to learn about the Easter story and the events leading up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Here’s  how to create your own resurrection egg:

  1. Collect 12 eggs, symbols, or small objects representing each event in your Easter story.
  2. Choose symbols or small objects to represent each event in the Easter story.
  3. Fill each of the 12 eggs with a symbol or object representing an event from the Easter story.
  4. Use Resurrection Eggs to tell Easter stories to your kids, family and friends.

Religious Easter Coloring Page
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Easter Crafts

Like Christmas, Easter has accumulated many traditions. Some of them have little to do with the Christian Easter festival and are derived from more folk customs. One of the handicrafts that delineate Easter is decorating Easter eggs. 

Below are a few traditional and modern ways to decorate Easter eggs:

  1. Coloring: This is the classic way to decorate Easter eggs. You can buy store-bought egg dye or make your own using food coloring, vinegar, and boiling water.
  2. Decoupage: Cut pictures or patterns out of magazines, napkins, or tissue paper and stick them to the eggs with a mixture of glue and water. After drying, the eggs can be sealed with clear varnish.
  3. Stickers: You can buy self-adhesive Easter egg stickers or make your own using foam stickers or construction paper cutouts. Just put a sticker or a pattern on the egg, and you can decorate it easily and happily.
  4. Paint: Decorate the eggs with acrylic or tempera paint. You can create patterns and designs, paint faces, flowers, and more.
  5. Throttle: Draw a pattern on the egg with chalk. The eggs can then be coated with a clear coat to make the design permanent. 

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