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Updated on Jan 27, 2022
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Wire Jig Patterns Printable
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What are The Uses of Wire?

Wire has many benefits in our lives. Wire can be used as electrical wires, paper clips, and guitar strings. In fact, wire is also needed to make machines, including computer machines. 

Not only that, wire is also used for other products. If you have ever used staples, it uses wire. Wire has many types. There are several types of wire that can be used to carry electric current. If the wire is used to transmit electricity, the wire must be coated with an insulator. An example is plastic.

Nowadays, people are more creative in using wire. Wire can also be used to make jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The types of wire that are widely used as jewelry are gold and silver. The wire is formed into a variety of unique patterns and ornaments.

How to Make Wire Jig Jewelry?

To make wire jig jewelry, you need to prepare thick wire. It's best to use thick wire so it won't break easily when shaped into various patterns. Prepare other tools such as scissors, tape, and others.

After you have prepared all the tools and materials, take the wire and cut the two sides using scissors or wire cutters. The goal is to make the wire flat.

Next, make a circle. Make sure that the wire can be connected. You can adjust the size of the circle according to your needs. Use the pliers to make the circle. If you want to create a unique pattern, you can use pliers to twist the wire into a chain pattern.

So, the main key to turning wire into a good artwork is to choose the best quality wire. Usually, the wire used is silver or gold wire. In addition, the wire used is thick wire. The ornaments, such as ribbons or pearls, also make it look more luxurious.

What are Jig Boards?

A jig board is a board used for wire loops. The goal is to make it easier for crafters when make wire jewelry. By using this jigboard, crafters can make wire jewelry from various ideas, patterns, and designs. It will produce unique jewelry.

There are various types of jig boards. So, crafters can choose the type of jigboard according to their needs. The selection of the jigboard is adjusted to the pattern or design of the jewelry to be made. Jigboard also helps crafters to make wire jewelry quickly. That's because they can make repeated designs and patterns using the jigboard.

In choosing a jigboard, you should choose a jigboard that has the same size as the type of wire. So, you can insert the wire into the jigboard properly. You should also choose a plastic jigboard. The jigboard is wide so you can make jewelry more easily.

But if you want to use a strong jigboard, just use a metal jigboard. However, the metal jig board cannot be used to make special patterns. If you want to make a custom pattern using a jig board, you can use a wig jig. It is the best jigboard made of acrylic material.

Wire Jewelry Jig Patterns
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Wire Jewelry Jig Patterns
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Wire Jig Patterns
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Wire Jewelry Jig Patterns
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What are The Best Crafts Ideas from Wire?

Besides being made into jewelry, wire can also be turned into various types of crafts. There are many crafts made from wire, from wall hangings to shelves. By using these crafts, you can save money on buying furniture. You can use wire as the main material. The wire is a cheaper material compared to other materials. Here are some wire-based craft ideas.

  • Clothes Basket: If you need a basket for dirty clothes, you can make one out of wire. So, you don't need to buy an expensive bag. Just use wire and turn it into a handmade basket. Not only help you tidy up all your dirty clothes, but they also look great. So, it will enhance the beauty of the room.

  • Room Table: Do you need a table in your room to put beside the bed? You can make it from wire. Choose a wire with an elegant color like silver or black. If you want to make it more attractive, you can paint the wire. The wire is only used at the bottom of the table. So, the tabletop uses wood. The table will look unique compared to other types of tables.

  • Plant Pot Container: You can use wire as a container for plant pots. It is very easy to use. You can make it with a pattern like making a basket. However, the size is made smaller. We recommend that you measure the size of the plant pot first before making it. By making the container, the pot will be more durable and not easily damaged. It also enhances the beauty of the plants in your home.

  • Kitchen Shelf: If you have many kitchen tools, you can make a kitchen shelf made of wire. The wire is used as the shelf door. The right, left, bottom, and top of the shelf use wood. Meanwhile, wire is used as a shelf door. You can coat the shelf door with glass to make it look more aesthetic.

  • Frame: Turn the monotonous frame on your home wall into a unique frame using wire. The method is the same as making a shelf door. So, the wire is covered with glass. The wire can also reduce the risk of damage from the photos on the frame.

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