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Dec 22, 2022
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Printable Grinch Face Pattern
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What are some spirited facts about the Grinch?

The character of the Grinch first appeared in the movie of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in 1966. This was adapted from children book’s which owned by Dr. Seuss. The appearance of the movie got a lot of attention and make this special through the spirited facts.

  1. This movie has a huge budget spending at the time.

It was known that for 26 minute animated movie, the team spend over 2.2 million budgets on today’s dollars. What a fantastic amount for such a duration.

  1. Seuss wrote the lyric for the movie's soundtrack

His partner, Jones felt that Dr. Seuss should provide the lyric for the track in the movie. Then, it ended up happening.

  1. The Grinch color was inspired by a rental car

Chuck Jones mentioned that the color of the Grinch came out when he went to the rental car which he found ugly then decide to be the color of him.

  1. Chuck Jones made up the scene to fulfill 26 minutes

Chuck Jones was facing the challenge to fill up the scene and plot. Then, he chose to bring his lovely dog named Max as the character there. He also mentioned that the dog scene was not originally from the book but himself.


How do you host a Grinchmas holiday party?

To celebrate the holiday season, you might think to host a party for your kids. Then, finding a theme can be challenging at the time. Having a Grinchmas party is such a wonderful idea. Image the greens all over your party venue would make your kids excited. See how to prepare for the party!

Come up with the Grinch invitation design. Have his iconic face as the cover and add the party information there. Include the details of the date, time, place, and RSVP. Make sure you attach the dress code if any.

List your decoration items. You need some decorations for the background, venue, and photo booth. For the background, you can use the cover of How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie. Elevate the looks and add the party name to it.

Use the green, white, and red theme for the venue. Go with the garland and balloons sounds fun too. Don’t forget a Christmas tree with a green stuff ornament too. For the photo booth, make sure you have the props linked to the character.

Setting your foods in similar looks. The sweets in the green theme would be awesome. You can go with cupcakes, pies, cake, pudding, and more. Keep in mind the Grinch punch alongside. Use the charcuterie board to construct the veggies and fruits in the character look.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Activity Pages
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Grinch Face Template
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How the Grinch Stole Christmas
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Printable Dog Ornament Patterns
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How do you make a Grinch ornament?

The tradition of setting up the Christmas tree and making the ornament is one you cannot leave. Let your kids have their own tree and fill it up with ornaments that refer to what they are excited about. The Grinch ornament can be added to your list.

Using the wood slices to paint the Grinch's face would be awesome. All you need to gather are rustic wood slices with a smooth texture, a stencil that fits on it, and a set of painting tools. Place the stencil on the wood slice. Start to paint the details green as they should. Leave it dry and take out the stencil. Place the red ribbon as the topper embellishment and hang it with the ties.

Glittery ornaments would be super exciting. Prepare the clear Christmas bulbs and the green glitters. Have a stencil of the Grinch's face and a permanent black marker. Stick the stencil on the bulb and let the kids trace it. take out the stencil and fill the bulb with green glitter. Make it stunning with the light outside.

What can you include in the Grinch crafting set?

To welcome a Christmas holiday, you have to figure out the activity for your kids that is connected with the celebration. Preparing a crafting set of the Grinch theme would be wonderful. See what you can place inside!

The Grinch pattern to color is awesome to add. Prepare the blank template and let the kids color the pattern one by one. Make them use different types of coloring tools such as watercolor, marker, pencil color, and more.

Bookmark set is wonderful too. The corner bookmark is the style in which you can let them learn to fold and color at the same time. The ones that use a popsicle stick to paint are also fascinating for them.

Gift tags would be the ones that kids are excited about. Let the kids prepare the sayings of the Christmas holiday for their friends. prepare the blank tags template and instruct them to color it. After coloring, tell them to re-write the sayings on the tags.  

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