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Updated on Jan 14, 2022
By Printablee Team
Wire Jig Patterns Printable
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What can I make from the wire?

Wire art has a place in some people’s hearts. Each eye-catching design of it attracts people to DIY it. The jig pattern is the most common one to apply in wire art. Tons of things you can make from it. Some of them include below.

The wire is commonly used for jewelry. Considering the long-lasting aspect, the wire is also easy to shape. Using this material makes the jewelry has elegant touch, so it has attractive sides once people wear it. The wire jig art also works for the ring and the pendant. The glamorous stone is often seen with the jig and improves the design looks.

Wall art also works with it. The one with black color seems to accompany the minimalism theme room. Tons of wall décor you can create from it. Even the cat design is also great with the jig pattern.

For the kitchen and café décor, you will need the wire art in cutleries, drinks, and food looks. Meanwhile, for the room décor, you can turn the wire into your name and embellish it with the light bulb to make it stunning at night.

Those are some ideas you can put on your list. Try to DIY the wire art by gathering the material first and executing it well. Find the beginner tutorial as your guidance. Happy crafting!

How can I construct the pattern worksheet for kids?

Shape and pattern recognition belongs to the basic skills kids should master. To make the kids stick with the learning, better to use the worksheet, so they can engage with it. If you seek ideas of what to put on the pattern worksheet, just check this out and get inspired!

Go with the basics first. Make the kids draw the dot pattern then continue with lines. Then, you can go with the circular, square, triangle, rectangle, and so on. After going with the basic ones, apply the next stage with what kids can see in daily life such as the animals and fruit. Besides learning the pattern, this kind of worksheet can test the kid’s knowledge in memorizing the fruits and animals.

Let’s move to the task the kids need to work with. Prepare a simple pattern with those styles. Require the kids to draw the next picture, so the right match will be seen. The color pattern is great for kids too. The worksheet makes the kids need to color the object by looking at the previous color.

If the kids already master those skills, you can combine them in a worksheet. This worksheet makes them to drawing and color the template. Therefore, you need to prepare the coloring worksheet with the object that kids are familiar with.

Those are how you can construct the worksheet for kids. Make sure you teach them how to do it, so they can nail it.  

Wire Jig Patterns
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What wall decorations I can apply?

Instead of leaving your wall blank, you might come up with the design of wall decorations. Tons of style you can choose for it. If you are looking for ideas for the wall design, check this out to get inspired!

Turn your wall into a gallery wall by placing some paintings or vintage pictures on it. The white wall will be perfect for this one. Instead of placing the object on the wall, you can go by decorating the wall itself. Many techniques to apply for decorating the wall.

Decide to create the pattern with the wallpaper sticker, stencil, and painting. Add the fabric as the accent of your wall. The fabric in vintage style will be spot on. Painting the mural decoration on your wall will make it stand out. Incorporating your favorite colors would be nice too.

 If you are reading enthusiasm, just go with the bookshelf as your wall embellishment. Construct the bookshelf neatly and include the other things to make it interesting. Instead of hiding the artistic plate on your cabinet, displaying it as wall décor is preferable. A plate with a vintage French design is great for embellishment.

Having a green theme for your wall décor is nice too. place the artificial leaves while also hanging the real house plants. It is such a great idea to make your house seems fresher. The wire jig art is great for the minimalism concept. Have the design with black wire. Incorporate the painting to make it stand out.

The macrame wall hanging will add aesthetic vibes to your wall. You can try it by DIY the pattern by yourself. Seek the beginner tutorial will helpful.

Select one of those designs that are in line with your interest. Seek the materials and try them on to see how to stand out the design on your wall. This will be some catchy wall art to give highlight your house interior.

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