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Updated on Sep 15, 2020
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Printable Weekly Menu Chart
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Printable Weekly Meal Planner Template
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How do I make a weekly meal plan?

Before we download the weekly menu chart, the first thing that is obviously needed to do is planning the weekly meal. Sometimes, we are only stuck in our comfort food. We also don't have enough ideas to cook various meals. So, the weekly menu chart will be abandoned. It is quite a waste, right? Well, all we need to do is find the best meal plan.

Here we are, trying the no-fail meal plan inspiration!
1. Involve pasta
Pasta is known as a source of carbohydrate. This kind of source of carbohydrate can be purchased easily. Plus, the price is also affordable. When it comes to the sauce, we can also involve meatballs, chicken, or creamy sauce from milk and cheese. Those will add our protein intake in a day as macronutrient nutrients. To make our dreamy pasta, we can pick bolognese pasta or carbonara pasta.
2. Put some fiber
When it comes to balanced nutrition, besides carbohydrates, we need to include the fiber inside our meals. Yes, the fiber comes in a form of meat-based and plant-based. The meat-based fiber helps to add protein in daily intake and the plant-based fiber lets us to get vitamin for our body. We can try stir-fried veggies and steak for our menu to be inserted in the weekly menu chart.
3. Consider soups and salad
Sometimes, something dry in our foods doesn't make our throat happy during cold or cold season. Then, the answer to this problem is adding soup! We can also try the salad with olive oil for healthier meals. Fibers in salads help us to prevent constipation too.
4. When in hurry, pick the easy
This means that we can maximize the foods that are easy and fast to cook. No need to use processed-food since it is not as healthy as the fresh foods, we can create a stock of foods and refrigerate it. We can try white rice and tomato sauce, then stir-fried it. We can also add some eggs to enrich the taste of the fried rice.
5. Don't throw the excess
There is some excess, in the forms of the leftover grocery, inside the fridge. Instead of throwing them away, we can create meals using them. For instance, healthy vegetable soup. Make sure that the vegetables are still good, not rotten.

How do I start meal prepping?

When it comes to using a weekly menu chart, it means that we are going to an activity named meal prep. If this is our first time prepping the meals for the weekly menu chart, we need to know steps to start.

Here are some tips that worth every try for beginners:
1. Choose the exact day
Yes, preparing and planning using a weekly menu chart is required to consider the date when to start. It is because we can plan to buy groceries for meals.
2. Consider the kinds of meals
We need to make a priority which meals we are going to cook firstly, it can be anything, there is nothing wrong with preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner first. When it comes to the meals for the family, dinner would be the first choice of mealtime. If we live independently, breakfast at the beginning of the morning is helpful to start our day.
3. Think about the containers
Containers help to organize and keep the groceries. It will be full of hassle if we don't arrange the groceries nicely. It can make our room messy. Even worse, the bad keeping leads the groceries to become rotten.

Printable Weekly Menu Planner Template
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Printable Weekly Food Menu
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Printable Meal Planner Chart
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Printable Blank Menu Planner
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What is a good meal plan?

Usually, when it comes to planning meals using a weekly menu chart, our expectation is to get nutritious and healthy foods. We really aim to get balanced nutrition in a week. So, we really need to keep in mind the foods and groceries choice that we pick.

Here are some tips to get a healthy and nutritious meal plan:
1. Always involve fruit and vegetables every day.
2. Pick the whole grain instead of processed grain.
3. Avoid fat on beef and meat.
4. Control the amount of one serving.
5. Pick the boiled, roasted, or steamed process instead of deep-fried.

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