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Aug 28, 2014
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Printable Weekly Dinner Menu
Printable Weekly Dinner Menudownload

How do I plan meals for a week?

Sometimes, we are bored eating the same meals for seven days in a row. Well, one of many ways to prevent boredom is by using a weekly. We can actually download blank weekly menu templates to customize it with the information on the weekly menu that we choose. It is also believed that various kinds of meals can help us to fulfill the various kinds of nutrition in a week, including vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. Well, after we download menu templates, sometimes we are confused on how to utilize the weekly menu templates. To overcome this, we need a strategy in a form of tips to plan the various meals for seven days in a row. Well, here are some tips on how to plan meals for a week.

  1. Look for the inspiration of the menu to be filled inside the weekly menu templates.
  2. Buy the groceries that are on sale to reduce the unexpected expenses.
  3. Pick at least a day to eat less or without eating meat at all.
  4. Check the stocks inside the refrigerator and look for the recipe based on the stocks we have.
  5. Buy grains as the staple food that we can go for several kinds of foods and cooking.

How do I plan my weekly grocery list?

Yes, when we want to make our weekly menu that is planned on blank weekly menu templates come true, we are required to plan the grocery too. Yes, all we need to do before cooking for seven days in a row is preparing the grocery. This means that we need to create a loss of groceries that we need to buy. Well, to buy a grocery for the weekly menu, here are some tips to plan grocery list:

  1. Determine the menu that we want to cook first, then we go buy to the grocery we need for cooking the foods that we plan on the menu.
  2. Manage the grocery list so that we can shop faster and easier without feeling confused or wasting too much time.
  3. Update the grocery list often so that we know which item is empty then need to refill it quickly.


Blank Weekly Menu Calendar
Blank Weekly Menu Calendardownload

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What is a basic grocery list?

Yes, after we download blank weekly menu templates and decide which foods that we want to make for seven days in a row, we need to buy the groceries and cooking it into meals that we have planned using weekly menu templates. However, sometimes we are confused about which type of groceries that we need to have for seven days straight. Actually, this can be called the basic grocery list. If we know the basics of the grocery list, we can avoid the unimportant expenses so our finances do not go for something wasteful. Here is the list of a basic grocery:

  1. Grains and bread.
  2. Oil and fat.
  3. Meat and fish
  4. Condiment.
  5. Fruits and vegetables.
  6. Herbs and spices.

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