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Jan 02, 2014
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Printable 360 Degree Compass
Printable 360 Degree Compassdownload

Does the compass have a philosophy?

Compas have been known to function since the time they were made and used for generations by people. Despite its popularity, which not only serves as a signpost, people created their own version of philosophy for a compass. Even though everything returns to the original function of finding the compass. This is not a big problem if someone is very obsessed with compasses. It's just that, it would be better if you use a compass in accordance with its function and if you want to explore creativity, not too far from the basic functions of the compass.

Can I make a compass template as a tattoo?

One example of using a compass outside of its function is to make a tattoo design that will be immortalized for life on a person's body. A tattoo is something that is made as a reminder of something, and some people make it just because they want to. To be able to make a compass as a tattoo design, for a beginner tattoo artist, it would be better to use a template from a compass image that is scattered everywhere. You can try to find it on the internet. Because there are many different designs that have been shared by the creators.

What makes a compass have different looks?

What makes a compass different in each design is a person's ability to draw or interpret the function of the compass. With the difference in compass design, the achievement of the functions made will certainly be different. If on a simple compass that contains 4 cardinal directions, you will find it easy to make it into the design, but you won't see much effort in it, and it doesn't have more detailed information than a compass with a number of cardinal points of more than 4.

Printable 360 Degree Compass
Printable 360 Degree Compassdownload
Printable Compass Rose Patterns
Printable Compass Rose Patternsdownload
Cardinal Directions Compass Rose
Cardinal Directions Compass Rosedownload
Protractor Print Outs Actual Size
Protractor Print Outs Actual Sizedownload
Compass Rose
Compass Rosedownload
Compass Face Clip Art
Compass Face Clip Artdownload

Do the directions of the compass are always right?

The directions made on the original compass can be trusted to be 100 percent accurate. It's different if the case is owned by a broken compass. You can't expect much to achieve the direction accuracy function. Even though in the end a broken compass cannot be used as a direction, you can still use it as part of a design without the function of indicating the direction but the beauty of the look design. So, don't immediately think of throwing away a damaged compass. Because something that you consider useless can still be worked on with other functions in everyday life.

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