Printable Samurai Sudoku Grid

Feb 22, 2022
By Printablee
Printable Samurai Sudoku Puzzles
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What Samurai Sudoku Grid For?

Samurai Sudoku Grid is for playing Samurai Sudoku. Unlike the standard Sudoku template, Samurai Sudoku is the expert level grid for Sudoku players. There are 5 overlying grids, with a 9x9 grid each. As for the player, they will play this with their pure logical instinct. They usually play this game with friends online and in a gathering. Indeed, nowadays, you can have the sudoku playing gathering online because the grid itself has been everywhere on the internet. You can download the grid or save it in a file.

Where Can We Get Samurai Sudoku Grid?

The Samurai Sudoku grid has been uploaded everywhere on online forums. You can either download the grid and then print it straight away or play the game online, as you will get the grid too. You can download or buy the grid on the official online stores for Sudoku games or any stores for board games. You might as well get only the grid or the ones with numbers. If you like the colorful grid, you can find it if you carefully see it from one website to another. After all, you can instantly get the grid for Samurai Sudoku on the internet. 

Printable Blank Sudoku Grids
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Printable Samurai Sudoku
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Printable 13 Grid Samurai Sudoku Puzzles
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Where Can We Play Samurai Sudoku Grid?

You are most likely to play Samurai Sudoku with the challenging grid at home because you need to sign up online. Since you will meet the other Samurai Sudoku players online, there's nothing that can disturb you to get out outside the house. But, it is possible if you play the game outside, like in a hall where you have a match with the other pro players. If you play the game at home, you don't need to go far away and can sit at home comfortably. 

Are There Rules to Play Samurai Sudoku?

Actually, the rules are the same as the regular sudoku game. But, since there are 5 extending grids, you have to solve the game one by one, starting from the sub-puzzle. The player mustn't enter the center sub-puzzle at the beginning because mostly the numbers are only a few. This game should be played by a pro-player. If so, they have been used to the regular game's rule, then apply the whole techniques on this Samurai Sudoku version. The rules are generally to make the players easily solve the game, rather than a strict rule that if you don't follow you will be skipped for the next round. 

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