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Jan 08, 2010
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Coffee Cup Stencils Printable
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How do you decorate a coffee shop?

Nowadays we can see there are tons of coffee shops in town. Start from the smallest one to the big coworking space coffee shops. A coffee shop usually needs to be well designed since this could also attract consumers to sit and drink there for hours. Things to be noted is that the coffee shops' brands need to be consistent with colors and style. From the room to the packaging of coffee cups. You can customize the room by using text or typography accents on the wall or hanging pictures of coffee cups. Pick a color scheme and stick with it. This applied from the brand consistency. Each corner up to the ceiling needs to be managed so it will be a well decorated and cozy coffee shop.

Why are there pictures of coffee cups at cafes?

When you go to a place, you might find any decorations related or represent the place. As an example you go to a mall you might find bright lightnings and a particular scent comes out from the air freshener at the mall. Or when you visit a bakery shop, you can find pictures of people baking in the kitchen or their best bakery. This is to make a branding of the place. It can be either the pictures of the best menu or history from the place. As for when you go to a coffee shop, you can find pictures of coffee cups hanging on their wall. They might have a coffee cup collection pictures to let consumers know what kind of coffee best served based on their own preferences.

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What makes coffee taste different in each cup's variety?


Behind our unconscious on picking up a glass from our shelf to pour our coffee or a coffee shop that serves with different shapes or cups materials can reveal about our personality, since it is our preference, how cool or warm your coffee goes and clearly can affect the taste. Plastic cup, Paper cup, cute designed and colorful mug or stainless steel thermos could make your coffee taste different. This is because the idea from each material gives an effect differently like a plastic cup that can cause toxins as you sip your hot coffee. A porcelain mug or we usually had a white mug deliver the better taste because it will make your coffee taste originally bitter rather than having it in a colored mug. Paper cups are most nowadays a solution because they can be served and to be on the go with you. However, you need to be careful because when it gets wet, it gets soggy and inevitable with wind that makes your coffee go cold quickly and taste goes away.

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