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Sep 08, 2022
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Printable Hidden Picture Coloring Pages
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How can you play nature scavenger in the class?

Nature scavenger hunts are supposed to play in nature. Kids will instruct to go around in the natural area and mark the list of the picture. This activity is used to introduce your students to nature and the elements that exist in it.

If you cannot apply this method because of time limitations or other reasons, you can still use the alternative by hiding the camping theme pictures in the class and making the kids find them.  However, you still need to prepare everything to arrange this game in the class. Here’s how you can do it.

Prepare the materials such as the scavenger template which provide the list of camping elements. Print it as your students' amounts. Serve the camping pictures relates to the list. You can make it in a small shape, so it will be challenging for students in finding the pictures.

Spread the picture around the class, hide it in any place that is proper to hide it such as the classroom closet, behind the tablecloth, or even stick it on the wall. After you hide the picture, give the scavenger hunt list and explain the rules of the game.

Make sure all of them are understood. When the game started, each of the students have to find and list the camping items picture that they find. The student who gets all of the list complete first will get the interesting gift.

Even with time or space limitations, you can still utilize the project which is intended to do in nature by applying the classroom version. Although it’s not real, at least students have knowledge about camping items they needed to know and still have fun with the game.

Where are the greatest places to go camping in the world?

For some people, enjoying nature while camping is the best way to have fun. When planning camping, there are various aspects you should prepare before deciding to leave, including the places to camp. Deciding the places is also important.

You should consider any aspect before deciding to build a tent. The aspect you should be aware of the most is safety. Real camping is mostly held in the pure nature which might become the wild animal’s home.

Therefore, you should find the right places to camp. Besides the places, you also should know the adventurer skills as the prevention if something bad might happen. Talking about the place, some places in the world are considered become the best places to camp.

The first one is Mount Cook National Park of New Zealand which provides you with beautiful scenery of the mountain. Next is Devon in England is the best place if you are looking for craggy cliffs scenery. The Loch Lomond and Trossachs in Scotland provide the beautiful seen of the valley, villages, and scattered peaks which are also called highland miniature.

If you are looking for a camping place in France, the Alps would be the greatest choice. During the exchange season between winter and spring, the camper will go to this place to seeking for fresh air to relax their minds. Other best places to camp are Hossa National Park in Finland, Zion National Park of Utah, Vancouver Island in Columbia, Asturias in Spain, and many more.  

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How to create a camping picture dictionary with the exercise list on it?

In order to introduce the students to something new for them, you might find several ways that you think it is effective for them. In the terms of camping items, you might use a camping picture dictionary as a tool. Using the picture dictionary able to make your students know about camping items both the look and also the vocabulary.

To create this book, you don’t need to start from scratch. Find the list of pictures that represent camping items and corporate it into a dictionary. Here’s how you can do it.

First, find the template of camping items on the internet. You might use more than one template to make it more versatile. Provide also the camping vocabularies to make the students understand and know the picture’s name. Print it out and create the best book cover for it.

You may also provide the exercise on the dictionary to test them in learning it. The exercise can be in a tracing worksheet form. This exercise can guide the students in drawing the camping items. You can also do this form using the words. It will make the students understand how to write each vocabulary in the dictionary. 

Another exercise style can be continuing the half pictures. Provide a half picture template for them to continue to make the complete camping items pictures. To help them master the vocabulary, you may serve the crossword with camping vocabulary to complete.

This dictionary not only makes the students learn about camping elements but also tests them by working on the exercises provided.

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