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Sep 20, 2015
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Printable Piano Keyboard Notes
Printable Piano Keyboard Notesdownload

How do you read piano notes?

When it comes to learning how to play piano, the partiture can't be separated from us. Sadly, as a beginner, we don't know how to read the partiture.

It is because the printed partiture of piano notes is using musical notations, not numerical notations. So, we need to read the dot on the partiture carefully.

If we make a mistake when it comes to reading piano notes, we can see that there will be a false note that we play. Sadly, it can make a mess up the performance. So, here are some steps to know how to read piano notes that use musical notations:

  1. Put the labels of the white space of the partiture using FACE key notes and EDBDF for the treble clef.
  2. Put the names of note letters.
  3. Remember each name of the letters of names, then continue moving onto the bass clef.
  4. After we are at bass clef, start writing the space with the keynote of ACEGM AND GBDFA.
  5. Use the hand diagram and give the numbers of 1 to five to each other, make sure the numbers begin from the thumb (which means 1) and ends at the number five on the little finger. This applies in two hands and is helpful to remember the numbers or the letters musical notations when playing piano.

What are the notes on a piano?

Make sure we have also understood the concept and definition of piano notes. If we don't understand the meaning of piano notes, we can't understand the further lessons of memorizing piano notes.

Actually, notes on piano consist of seven natural musical notes, including C, D, E, F, G, and B. When it comes to the "anatomy" of a piano, when we push the key of the piano, we will notice that there is a consistent pattern in the key of the piano, in which the two black keys are surrounded by the white keys.

The next thing is the black keys are also surrounded by white keys as many as four white keys. After all these patterns appear sequentially, we can see the patterns repeat for several times.

Music Notes Piano Chord Chart
Music Notes Piano Chord Chartdownload
Sheet Music Piano Chord Chart
Sheet Music Piano Chord Chartdownload
Easy Piano Sheet Music
Easy Piano Sheet Musicdownload
Treble Clef Piano Notes Chart
Treble Clef Piano Notes Chartdownload
Piano Keys Notes
Piano Keys Notesdownload
Printable Piano Notes With Letters
Printable Piano Notes With Lettersdownload

What should I learn first on piano?

As a beginner, besides understanding how to read piano notes carefully and correctly, the basic skills that are required to learn how to play piano is understanding the major scales. This is really beneficial to increase our understanding when it comes to musical skills.

The scales are also required to understand first in the beginning of lessons. It is because most piano players agree that the scale is supposed to be the thing that needs to be learned and fluent is the major scale of C.

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