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Jan 05, 2012
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Comic Book Template
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How do you start a comic?

If you are an adult, you must have experienced a sense of interest in comics as a child. Comics become part of the journey of life from childhood to adulthood. Many stories are presented in comics. Men usually like comics with adventure stories while women usually like stories that involve a lot of feelings. Therefore, to start a comic you can look for story ideas. That will be the main attraction in the comic. After that, design the layout of the panels, and start drawing. It looks easy to do, but you need the formula to arrange each part in the comic to make it interesting to read.

How many panels are in a comic book?

Panels are layouts that exist in a comic. The distribution of panels in the comic aims to make images made of each panel have a good size to be seen. Therefore, the ideal number of panels on a comic page usually consists of 5-9 panels. The more panels you create, the smaller and harder to see the image. Therefore adjust the story on each page using the ideal number of panels.

How do you make a comic book layout?

To be able to create a comic book layout, you must know what is a storyboard. In the storyboard you will make an estimate of the size of the image that you will draw in the comic book layout. Storyboards usually use drawing paper and you will draw them using a pencil like a sketch. After you're done with the storyboard, you can make a layout size that matches the size of your drawing. Layouts can be made with many comic drawing applications, for example the Adobe Illustrator application. In this application, your storyboard will be clipped to divide it into panels. The process is not difficult, like a copy-paste technique.

Comic Book Template Printable
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Can I get a comic book layout template for free?

To create layouts, the internet provides templates that you can easily download. Usually, the templates provided are 1 page which contains the number and arrangement of panels that are different. Of course the comic layout template on the internet does not yet contain images. You can use the layout as a drawing exercise media, or you can make the layout templates as your storyboard sheet. Because it will be easier later in the process of converting to Adobe Illustrator. For sites that provide it for free, he will provide free information on the description of the templates.

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