Printable Easter Basket Pattern

Apr 01, 2022
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Easter Egg Basket Template
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Is It Necessary to Give Gifts at Easter?

Apart from Christmas and Thanksgiving, Easter is a day of celebration for exchanging gifts. It's no wonder that in several countries around the world, the Easter holiday is a favorite moment for children because they can get gifts.

For shops, their revenue could also increase as more shoppers search for gifts and groceries. Usually, consumers will buy ham for the main meal at Easter and other items for Easter gifts.

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation created by BIGinsight, the average national spending at Easter is $17.2 billion. People in the United States usually use their money to buy clothes, candy, decorations, food, and gifts at Easter.

So, for people in some countries, giving gifts to loved ones at Easter is important. This may not be necessary for other countries. However, Easter is generally synonymous with gift-giving, especially for children.

What are The Best Gifts for Teachers?

Gift-giving for teachers on Easter is one of the fun things that children look forward to. By giving gifts to teachers, children can show their gratitude and affection for teachers who have given them knowledge.

Parents can help their children come up with gift ideas and present them to their teachers. Here are some gift ideas to give teachers at Easter.

  1. Cake Dough

    If the teacher likes to make cookies, just give them the cookie dough. You and your kids don't need to bake cookies. You can help your child make homemade cookie dough without having to buy it at the store.

    You can also add complementary gifts such as baking sheets, bowls, or other items needed for making cakes. So, your child's teacher will feel cared for and be able to use that item for Easter.

  2. A Mixed Drink Set

    If your child's teacher likes to drink their own drinks, then it might be a good idea to gift them a set of mixed drinks. Of course, this will be delicious when drunk at Easter.

    The reason is, no Easter is perfect without drinking cocktails. There are many shops that provide mixed drinks. You can also add a stirrer, glass, or shaker.

  3. Class Decoration

    Classroom decorations are the easiest and best gifts for teachers. Parents can help their children to make classroom decorations that are unique. Add Easter baskets, chocolates, and greeting cards in the corner of the classroom.

  4. Easter Flowers

    Flowers are always the best gift for your loved ones. Flowers are a sign of respect and affection for someone. Therefore, flowers can also be used as a gift at Easter for your child's teacher.

    You can send flowers to your child's school. The flowers will decorate the office or classroom. It can put your child's teacher in a good mood.

  5. Gift Cards

    Gift cards are also easy gifts to give at Easter. You can give gift cards in the form of shopping vouchers, spa vouchers, or dining vouchers at restaurants. Of course, it will make them feel happy.

Printable Easter Paper Basket Pattern
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Printable Easter Basket Template
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Paper Easter Basket Pattern Free
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Printable Easter Basket Template
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What are Easter Souvenirs and How Do You Make Them?

On the Easter holiday, many Easter souvenirs are sold in various shops. However, if you feel the price is expensive, then the souvenir can be made yourself. To make it more fun, you can ask the children to join in making it. So, here are some Easter souvenirs and how to make them.

  1. Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs can be made with simple materials such as acrylic paint, sponges, brushes, napkins, glue, and eggs. First, paint the eggshell with primer. After drying, coat with another color of paint. Then, cut napkins that have beautiful decorations.

    The dried eggs will need to be coated again with glue to make the colored napkin pieces can be attached. Then, coat the eggshell again with clear lacquer paint. Now, you can place the eggs in the basket or on the skewer.

  2. Easter Chicken

    Not only rabbits, but chickens are also animals that are synonymous with Easter. You can make Easter chicken souvenirs that can be cute decorations at home. How to make it?

    Prepare a balloon and blow up the balloon to a small size. Then, coat the balloon with glue. Then, wrap the yellow thread around the balloon.

    Cut the colored paper to make the eyes, nose, and mouth of the chicken. You can also add chicken hair made from yarn. You can add accessories if you want.

  3. Easter Egg Basket

    You can make Easter egg baskets. The materials needed to make this craft are cheap and easy to get.

    First, prepare a paper container. Then, make a hole in the bottom of the container. Next, take the thread and insert it into the hole in the prepared container.

    Cover all parts of the container using the thread. If all parts of the container are wrapped in twine, use green paper to serve as a basket decoration. Cut the green paper into grass or leaf shapes.

    Next, put glue on the part of the container that will be attached to the green paper. After that, you can stick green paper in that area. Place the Easter eggs in the basket. Now, you can put the souvenir in the room of your house.

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