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Updated on Mar 21, 2022
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Peace Dove Pattern Printable
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What are the types of dove patterns?

This pattern is a repeated design of the white bird that is used for many purposes. There are several types of white pigeon motifs. The first one is the black and white ones. This design consists of monochrome colors. Some of them only resemble outlines and others have dark backgrounds with white pigeon images. It gives the message of simplicity. Furthermore, its white and black colors can signify opposites values such as good and bad or yin and yang. It depends on you how to use this motif. The second one is the blue and grey ones. The combination can be the backgrounds are blue and grey and the main characters are white or vice versa. Of course, they are more colorful and lively. If you want to send the aforementioned messages, choose these ones. Lastly, it is the realistic type. It has more complicatedly drawn doves with feathers and leaves. Some of it has gold colors. If you want a more natural touch to your art, pick these ones. No matter which one you select, make sure it is in line with your values.

Why do people choose to use white bird patterns?

The image in itself has been a symbol for universal as well as religious entities. It has the meaning of many things such as peace, gentleness, love, and purity. In Christianity, it is seen as the Holy Spirit. Hence, there are several reasons why people choose this illustration. The first one is they want to utilize its artistic values. The portrayal of the doves and the colors themselves are beautiful. It is pleasing to the eyes and the hearts. If you use this pattern as wallpapers, it can change the atmosphere of your room. Secondly, they want to influence their room or the children with important values. If it is a decoration or wallpaper, it can be a reminder for the people inside to be mindful of their actions and words in the presence of the good values or Holy Spirit. In a nutshell, choose and use it wisely.

How to make white domesticated bird pattern crafts for children?

If you want to educate your children and have fun together, making a craft is a good choice. There are two objectives here. The first one is to teach your child about another significant creature. Secondly, if you are a Christian, it can help your child learn about the values of devotion, love, and grace. The materials are a white paperboard, the motif printables (choose the realistic ones), paint, a palette, water, a brush, scissors, glue and glitters. Next, together with your child, cut the images around the edges. Now, you will have little birds, feathers, and plants on your table. Take the white paperboard. Glue the little cutouts onto the surface. Arrange them prettily. Group them at the top. Now, blend the paint with water on the palette. Paint the lower half with clouds or water and sun. Finally, add glitters to make things more beautiful. Now, it is ready to be put on the wall or on display. You can place it in your bedroom or study room.

Printable Peace Dove
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How to knit a white pigeon shape as your kitchen utensil?

You want to apply the importance of valuable principles to your house appliance. One of the ways is to make a dishcloth with a dove symbol. The materials are light yarns, a knitting needle (size 4.5 mm), a tapestry needle, and scissors. First of all, you need to learn how to do the pattern from the internet. You can read articles or watch youtube videos. After that, you can use the yarn and the knitting needle. Make the shape carefully. If you are finished, you can tie it all with a tapestry needle. Cut the last thread with scissors. Now, you have a well-made garment to be put on your dining table. If you want to make things more balanced, you can make some more. For example, create as many as your family members. You may utilize the dishcloth as a base for glasses. Surely, your family will appreciate the supper or meals you make. Have a great moment with your family!

How to incorporate good values into your learning experience?

It is not always about religious belief when you use this emblem. You can make your studying process more lively. One of the ways is to cover your books with pictures of this beautiful flying creature. Choose your favorite notebooks. Prepare the supplies. They are the repeated images of an animal that symbolizes purity, white papers, scissors, glue, and glitters. First of all, print the depictions of the bird on blank paper. Use two for covers and cut out the rest. Now, you have tiny drawings of the white bird. Take your book. Stick the two whole papers on the front of the book as wrappings. Next, glue the cutouts on the first page and add glitters. Your book has been beautified. Enjoy!

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