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Jan 13, 2023
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What kind of nutrients do kids need the most?

To support kids’ development, you need to pay attention to their foods and what they consume. These are some nutrients to feed young children:

  1. Fruits and veggies are packed with numerous nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Make it such a fun introduction by letting them know about the types of fruit and veggies. To have a good impact on kids’ development, make sure you give them every meal.

  2. Starchy foods become the source of energy. It contains bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta, and more. Wholegrains would be great for your kids as long as they already 2s.

  3. Milk and dairy product contains calcium for buildup and strengthening kids' teeth and bones. When it comes to dairy products, you also have to be careful because it might cause allergies to them.

  4. Proteins are quite important for kids' development. Eggs, fish, and meat are good sources of protein from animals. Meanwhile, you can also go with plant-based ones such as nuts, tofu, and more.


Those are nutrients that definitely should be in the good portion to help your kids grow up. Construct the meal plans for your kids while considering those nutrients to be fulfilled.

How do let kids encourage healthy habits?

The more convenient food the more possibility of making negative effects on your body. When it comes to the kids, the food they consume would be an impact not only in the present but also when they grow up later. Therefore, make them disciplined in healthy habits such as maintaining the eating habit.

Breakfast is a must. Even if you are in rush during the morning, make sure you prepare breakfast for your kids. Just keep it simple with prepare on-the-go meals such as egg sandwiches, peanut butter toast, and more.

Keep your priority on the mealtimes. Establishing healthy eating habits leads your kids to comfort with their healthy routine as well as build the connection.

Let your kids be included. Take your kids grocery shopping and even choose what to eat for themselves. It would be great if you also involve them in making weekly meal planners. With this, you can show them how really comfy to be organized.

Watch out the sugar consumption. Instead of banning sweets, you can just go with limiting them. Having some recipes with less sugar content but still delicate to eat would be great. Throw in some natural sugar such as fruits and make it a habit after meals. Avoiding sugary drinks is a must. Let them try but don't let them consume it on daily basis.

Printable Nutrition Word Search Puzzles
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Printable Nutrition Word Search Puzzles
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What are some engaging activities to teach kids nutrients?

Make kids keen on healthy habits through playing games. It is such a great way to make them stick with it. Let the kids experience the healthy stuff by looking at the color, taste, and even texture. Incorporating healthy foods with learning is definitely the one you should try on.

Come up with the letter of the week game. In this game, kids have to mention the food that is connected with the alphabet. For example, you just start this session and let the kids use "A" as the initial for the foods while making them mention it.

Naming the food would be fun too. Bring some food on the plastic wrap. Create a label that is written with the food names. Let the kids match the meals with the label and see how your kids’ knowledge about the food name. You can go with fruit, veggies, grains, nuts, and more.

Food painting is definitely the one you should consider. Prepare a colorful palette of food paint. Provide the food that would be nice to touch up and let the kids pull off their creativity through it.

The cooking demo is such a great activity to perform. Prepare all the equipment while still considering kids' safety. Serve the materials and cook the recipe along with the tutorial as well. Train the kids to read aloud the ingredients and make them follow the steps by steps of cooking.

Making a food magazine collage will pull off their creativity in creating the food looks. You can let the kids work in a group. In this project, kids have to create a food template using a random picture and form it into the magazine. Basically, it should be in college looks. So, the kids will construct the picture one by one and make them compound in a food appearance.

Having a nutrient label quiz and performing the scavenger hunt is engaging. Prepare a simple nutrient label. You can use the picture and color that represent it. To test them with this knowledge, play a scavenger hunt which makes them have to find several foods that have the nutrients on the labels

What to feed young children

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