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Aug 09, 2010
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Printable Word Search Puzzles Print
Printable Word Search Puzzles Printdownload

What is the meaning of 100-word search?

100-word search is a puzzle that contains random letters but not all of them. The number of non-random letters will be 100 words separated by other random spaces and letters. This means that you have to find 100 randomly placed words in order to solve the puzzle game. Apart from letters, there is no other content that fills every square in the word search.

What kind of words made for 100-word search?

Since there are 100 which is enough to fit into a random pile of letters, it would be best to search 100 themed search terms. With the theme, you will find it easier to choose words related to the theme of the word search even though it must be 100 words. Usually, the words used in word search are not too long so that they can still create a tricky impression when doing it and are quite challenging. If it is not made with a particular theme, it will be a long journey to complete even when you already use the help of a dictionary containing strings of words. The 100 words you are looking for are not words without meaning.

Can a pattern be made from 100-word search?

Creating a pattern on 100-word searches is not necessary and must be done. Because accidentally, patterns will form by themselves as you find words in a word search. The pattern that is in 100-word searches is a line that will be crossed out when you find the search word. From that line, you will find patterns in the form of horizontal, vertical and crossing lines. Making a line from the word that is found does not mean anything, just a sign that you have reached the number of words that have been drawn. Several lines intersect each other and form an irregular line pattern.

Printable Word Search Puzzles
Printable Word Search Puzzlesdownload

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How to make the 100-word search difficult?

To make 100 word searches a little bit more difficult, you can try a number of ways such as selecting words that are hard to search for which are unfamiliar. Next, the scrambled letters are made to resemble the words they should be found. Still, not enough with that, choose a word with a little number of letters like 3 letters so that when people who do a word search are not carefully looking, they will not notice that 3 letters are the words they are looking for.

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