Printable Monthly Cleaning Checklist

May 05, 2014
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Printable Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Printable Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Monthly Cleaning Checklists Printables
Monthly Cleaning Checklists Printablesdownload


Should I Make Monthly Cleaning Checklist?

The answer is obviously yes. We often forget to clean our things regularly as we are too busy with our daily activities. Cleaning our things regularly can help it last longer. Just like our body, we clean it every days, we feel comfortable because, and keep healthy. So, it’s inevitable, we need monthly cleaning checklist to remind us what things that should be cleaned every month.

What Should Be Cleaned Monthly?

There are chores that you should do every day to keep your home stay clean and comfortable. For the example, you have to wash your dishes, sweep the floor, picking up clutter, and many more. But, don’t forget that you also have monthly chores. Cleaning it monthly help it to last longer. So, what is it? What should be cleaned monthly? In case you need some help, these are the things that you should clean monthly:

1.       Clean the dust of your ceiling fans

If you have ceiling fans at your home, then you should clean it every month no matter what. You know when your ceiling fans dirt, it can spread germs or even virus. So, it’s important to put it on your monthly cleaning checklist. 

2.       Clean your refrigerator

Refrigerator can also become a comfortable place for bacteria because you put your food ingredients over there. There are veggies, fruits, meats, fishes, frozen foods, and many more. You even put a bottle of waters inside. So, to keep it clean, it’s better if you check it every month.

3.       Clean the dust in your air vents

This is also important. When our air vents are broken, air circulation in our home can be disrupted. And when it disrupted, you know what will happen, it has to do with your respiratory tract.

4.       Clean your windows

It’s not just windows. We talk about the curtains, hangings, frames, anything around your windows. Keep it clean by cleaning the dust over it. You will thank later because it help your lung breathe fresh air.

5.       Vacuum inside furniture

Another place that can be homes for bacteria is your furniture. So, clean not only outside of it but also inside of it. Please remember that it can be homes for thousands of bacteria, germs, and viruses. So, stay healthy by cleaning it every month.

6.       Clean your carpet

Your carpet makes you warm and comfortable. But, sometimes you don’t realize that you step on it every single day. Now, can you imagine what is above and under your carpet? Don’t risk your health and your family just because you forget to clean the carpet.     

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