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Sample Daycare Food Menu

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Why does daycare cost so much?

For office worker parents, daycares have been a solutive option. However, it is also never easy for parents both financially and keeping time with their children at daycares. Daycares cost a lot and it has never been considered cheap. The reason behind its high cost is because daycares take a lot of personnel and materials included in the fee. Rent fees, personnel salaries, educational toys and maintenance were the first issue about where the high cost went. Parents walk to daycares to let their children spend a day well, in addition, classroom materials and food were also on the list. A nice classroom and amenities to provide children entertained and educated as well to be what parents expect from daycare. Caregivers or nanny from daycare also allow parents to get to know their plan menus for daycares. Menus from daycare for lunch and snacks costs to get the kids a healthy and nutritious food while parents working with no worries whether their kids would end up eating junk food or try to eat more vegetables from daycares.

What activities children do at daycare?

Activities children do during daycare are not always about playing, eating and then sleeping before bath and going home. At daycares, they can try various activities that can develop their cognitive and motor skills. Exploring shapes, colors, textures and having fun with their friends. It also helped them to socialize within each other since most daycare didn’t allow groups of more than 8 childrens at one room. Besides, the caregivers also guide them with literacy skills like storytelling. They are being active while doing storytelling as they try to make sure they can understand the story. Daycare also provides table manners during lunch time. Children need to be gathered and eat at the table and chair provided. They give lessons to try to eat by themselves and wash their own dishes after finishing the meal. It is pretty much a help for parents later when they are home as they already learn how to help their parents doing chores bit by bit.


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Printable Preschool Lunch Menu

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Weekly Day Care Menu Template

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Sample Daycare Menus Printable

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Printable Preschool Dramatic Play Menu

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USDA Sample Daycare Menus

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Day Care Menu Ideas

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How does daycare affect parents' bond with children?

Office working parents or busy business parents are often found to have their children at daycares. It is said that the development of children can affect their bond with parents. It is because their attachment is disrupted by their habits of spending most of the time at daycares without their parents around. It might affect things such as material sensitivity. They tend to be more aggressive and feel anxious without their parents around when they are not able to face new challenges without the comfort from mom or dad. It also might be difficult for parents to know better what their children need rather than the caregivers because they spend much more time with caregivers.

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