Calligraphy Worksheets Printable

Aug 17, 2020
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Calligraphy Worksheets Printable
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Calligraphy Alphabet Practice Sheets
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What calligraphy means?

If you search the word calligraphy in dictionary, you will find: “The art of writing letters and words with decorative strokes”, “Beautiful handwriting”, “The art of writing fancy lettering”, or “Fair of elegant penmanship”. All these explanations are pursed to one thing: art. Calligraphy is an art in lettering. This skill can make you write beautifully. Writing has a long history. The story of writing is about the evolution of technical skills, transmission speed, and material limitations of a person, time, and place. So, to makes calligraphy requires a skill to make beautiful handwriting.

Is calligraphy hard to learn?

The answers will be different from one another. It could be hard and it could be easy. It depends on someone’s experience. But, we’d like to say that learning calligraphy requires repetitive practice. It’s not something you can master only by practicing one or two. It requires repetitive practice. It takes time to master calligraphy. As time goes by, you will learn that produce something beautiful requires hard works. Writing in a beautiful lettering needs hard work. So, don’t give up and enjoy the process!

Any tips for beginners who want to learn calligraphy?

There are always tips for beginners in anything, no exception in calligraphy. So, yeah there are some tips that can be followed by anyone who just want to learn calligraphy. What are the tips? You can read it below!

1.       Draw not write

Calligraphy is an art of writing beautifully. But, to do it, you can’t just write it. It’s not like we write an essay. It’s more like drawing. You write a sentence, very carefully, to make it look very beautiful. So, think you’re drawing not writing.

2.       Take your time

You might be able to write a 400-words essay in half an hour. But, the case will be different if you write calligraphy. In just half an hour, you might only write a letter of A, B, or C, just one letter. Meanwhile, you should write a sentence. And how long do you need to write only a sentence of calligraphy letter? You might need all day long. So, take your time.

3.       Repetition

We already said before, repetition is the key to learn calligraphy. So, make it fun!

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What tools can help me to make calligraphy?

You will need a pen and papers, a lot of papers. You might also need ink. But, what you need the most is a worksheet. You will need calligraphy worksheets especially if you’re beginner. This worksheet will help your hand to get used to write in a beautiful way. As we know that calligraphy takes time and repetitive practices, worksheet can be useful for you to do that.

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