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Updated on May 31, 2023
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What is Font Pairing?

Fonts are a collection of numbers, letters, characters, or symbols with a certain size and character. Fonts are created for two purposes. The first is for viewing and the second is for printing.

There are many types of fonts and all of them can be used for designing. In design, one of the most difficult things is font pairing. Font pairing is a typographic design that is created in pairs and has a relationship with the content.

It takes the right technique to make the right font pairing. Some things that must be considered to make the right font pairing are below.

  1. Pairing with Concord

    Choose two fonts that are similar to make it look harmonious. You can choose two fonts from the same category. An example is the two types of serif fonts.

  2. Pairing with Contrast

    Another factor to consider is to choose two different fonts. However,l consider these points.

    • The size of the two fonts must be different.
    • The styles of the fonts are different.
    • The shape of the two is also different.
    • The font-weight is different. This is a great way to develop a visual hierarchy.


What is a Visual Hierarchy?

In the discussion about font pairing above, there is the term "visual hierarchy." It is a principle for determining the layout of design elements. The goal is to show the important thing. So, the design must be able to present the main points that can be seen and understood by everyone.

If people understand the meaning of the design, it will influence the person's decision to act in accordance with the wishes of the designer. Therefore, this principle is also very related to UI Design.

There are several characteristics that can be changed to create a good visual hierarchy. These elements are as follows.

  • Color
  • Repetition
  • Contrast
  • White space
  • proximity
  • Alignments
  • Textures and styles

Then, to create a good visual hierarchy, do these tips.

  • First, map out all the messages you want on the design.
  • Then, make a priority of the message you want.
  • After that, turn important information into a short and interesting message. So, the audience who sees your design will have time to read other information in the design.

What is the Impact of Font Pairing on the Visual Hierarchy?

Then, what is the impact of font pairing on visual hierarchy? You can actually know that from the explanations above.

By using the right font pairing, the display will look attractive. That's what can be used to develop or create a good visual hierarchy to make the design look attractive. So, font pairing will affect the visual hierarchy. Meanwhile, the visual hierarchy will make the design look attractive to the audience.

Fonts can help you to attract people's attention and deliver messages through fonts. So, the font will complete the visual hierarchy and make the design look perfect. Therefore, font pairing and visual hierarchy are interrelated. Both are things that must be understood by designers when creating a design, especially for commercial purposes.

Alphabet Different Lettering Styles Fonts
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What are the Principles of Visual Hierarchy?

You also need to understand the principles of visual hierarchy. Here are the 7 main principles of the visual hierarchy.

  1. Color and Contrast

    The choice of color and contrast will make one element stand out compared to other elements. You need to do this so you can provide the information to users about what elements are most important. However, don't use too many colors and contrasts because it will confuse the audience.

  2. Scale and Size

    Larger images attract more attention than small images. That is what makes size and scale one of the important visual hierarchy principles.

  3. Empty Space

    Don’t forget to create empty spaces in the design. With empty space, the main object in the design will be the focal point.

  4. Typography

    Combine several font sizes to determine the most important object of your design. An example is the writing of newspapers. There are several font sizes in newspapers that allow readers to find out the main news.

  5. Proximity

    You have to place several objects very close together. By doing this, it indicates that the objects are related.

  6. Reading Patterns

    In general, there are two types of reading patterns in the visual hierarchy. The first is the F pattern or the E pattern. This reading pattern is a way of reading from left to right, then moving to the bottom. This pattern is widely used by web designers to design websites that display a lot of text.

    The second pattern is the Z pattern. This pattern is mostly used on sites that display a lot of images. The human brain can process images faster than text. Therefore, the user will look at the right side first, before moving diagonally to the lower left side.

  7. Rule of Thirds

    It is a blend of visual hierarchy principles and photographic techniques. To create good photos, photographers must divide the photos into three parts to deliver important messages to audiences.

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